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Welcome To DPFOC Online Marketing Australia

DPFOC stands for Driving Profitability For Our Clients. We help our clients to grow their businesses by implementing sophisticated, cutting edge and proven online marketing techniques that generate high volumes of leads and customers at the lowest possible cost per acquisition.

In order to do this, we recommend implementing a 3 step process that we have developed over the past 5 years based on thousands of hours of research and real life case studies.

  1. Your Website:
    Your website is the starting point for your online marketing efforts. We recommend to all clients to carry out a conversion rate optimisation report on all client websites to ensure that the traffic that we generate to it converts into leads and customers at the highest possible rates. We know that doubling conversion rates makes your existing traffic 100% more valuable so our expert conversion rate optimisers are tightly focussed on squeezing the maximum number of conversions out of your website’s traffic.
  2. Traffic
    Once your website is as good as it can be and is converting visitors into leads and customers, then we focus on driving as much targeted traffic to your site as we can within the budget that we have. We rely on search engine optimisation (organic search engine results), pay per click advertising (on major search engines, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube) as well as social media. For more on how we utilise these different channels, please browse the rest of our website.
  3. Tracking / Active budget management
    We highly recommend this service; each of our clients who adds tracking to their campaign is assigned a strategist whose sole mandate is to work with you and our team to grow your company’s profitability. (S)he monitors the numbers behind your campaign. For example, if a particular advertising medium is generating particularly strong return on investment, (s)he will make you aware of this and recommend a budget increase to grow the profits being generated through this channel. Similarly if a particular medium is losing money, we will investigate more closely to understand why and look to fix this. For more on our tracking / active budget management, please see this page of our site.
    This combination of strong traffic flows to expertly optimised websites all of which is overseen by an experienced strategist who is tightly focussed on the numbers is an approach to online marketing that we feel is unrivalled and that is already delivering remarkable results for clients throughout Australia – see our testimonials page for what our existing clients say about us.
    If you are interested in leveraging DPFOC’s proven system to grow your business, please contact us.

We made a significant investment in our website but found that despite the cost and all the promises, we were just not getting traffic to our site. The team at DPFOC worked in consultation with us to determine the best keyword searches. Within the first month, enquiries generated through our website (thanks to DPFOC) were outranking the number of queries we received via conventional advertising methods. Our Google rankings are up higher than ever before. We would recommend the services of DPFOC to any business desiring a better internet presence.
Graeme Hutchings,
Director, Big Trailer Warehouse,
Geelong, Australia,

I just want to acknowledge and say a big thank you Matthew and his team at DPFOC Australia. Being a furniture manufacturer without a specific and dedicated showroom has meant the majority of my leads are all internet based. Without DPFOCs involvement in improving my rankings in Google and other search engines, my sales would not be anywhere near as good as what they are now! If you have a business that is looking for more promotion, then I can definitely recommend DPFOC Australia. Thank you and look forward to many more years of good rankings!
Todd Smith,
Director, Jarrimber Furniture,
Perth, Australia,

DPFOC was the best choice I could have made to get my website ranking for my businesses search key-phrases. DPFOC has exceeded my expectations by getting my website to page 1 of sooner that expected! I have found the DPFOC staff to be honest, professional and most importantly they have delivered ranking results which is generating leads from my website, and new clients for my business. I would not hesitate to recommend DPFOC for SEO services as they are good value for money, and provide great service!
Kimberly Ekblad,
Kimberly Ekblad Personal Training,
Perth, Australia,

I run a number of websites providing exercise programs for surf and snow sports. DPFOC recently started work on one of my websites ( to improve the SEO rankings and help me get more customers. I am happy to say that after the first month I am now on the first or second page for a number of my keywords and I am noticing an increase in traffic to my website as well as more sign-ups for my ski exercise program. I have found the staff at DPFOC very helpful and efficient and I am looking forward to seeing my SEO results improve even more over the next few months. I am even more excited to see what DPFOC can do for my other websites! Thanks!
Clayton Beatty,
Total Skiing/Surfing Fitness,
Perth, Australia,

Matt, many thanks to you and the DPFOC team for the work you have done for our website. The ranking results that you have been able to achieve at the top of page 1 for the best keyphrases for us have been great! The service you have provided and time you have taken to explain things with us is also appreciated.
John Tissott,
Manager, EFYC,
Palmyra, Australia,

I have found that dpfoc absolutely fantastic . Their staff are incredibly professional , courteous and efficient .most impressive is that the whole company has exceptional communication with ours which makes trusting them with our needs so much more easier . They achieved top ranking results for us a lot quicker than I expected and I recommend their SEO to anyone who uses a web based business.
Chris Green,
Northshore counselling and training services,
Perth, Australia,

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