Meet the DPFOC Sales Team!

We continue to work hard across all our divisions to finalise the new DPFOC website and to get it live. If you haven’t seen it already, have a look here at the work so far: http://www.dpfoc.ca/demos/dpfoc-new/ Check out our recently [...]

Check out our new videos- Get to know DPFOC

Exciting New Developments at DPFOC We have been working hard these past few months to get the new DPFOC website live and we are really excited about its progress; it will all be ready to go very soon! Have a [...]

The 3 Priorities of Google AdWords for 2014

On a recent call with our account manager at Google, I was advised that Google has told their AdWords support staff to focus on 3 key areas this year. These are: Attribution, Search Re-marketing and Export. So in this post, [...]

Check Out Our Infographic on Attribution

Check Out Our Infographic on Attribution

At DPFOC, we are firm believers in the power of attribution. Below is an infographic that we hope you will enjoy!

DPFOC Featured in the Calgary Herald!

DPFOC Featured in the Calgary Herald!

Check out the feature on DPFOC in this weekend’s Calgary Herald! Check it out here      

What is Banners Broker?

What is Banners Broker?

The promoters of Banners Broker say that the company is an advertising brokerage. Essentially, they claim that they approach owners of websites with “significant traffic” and offer them the opportunity to sell advertising on their site – to monetise their [...]

Nice to be appreciated!

I just came across this video on Youtube from one of the attendees at our “Harnessing the Power of the Internet 2012″ seminar – a nice surprise!

Couldn’t make it to the Dublin Web Summit?

Check out the videos here: http://new.livestream.com/websummit