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An Overview of the “Right to be Forgotten” Ruling

The European Court of Justice this week ruled in favour of a Spanish citizen who argued that a news article that appeared in Google’s search results for his name should be removed. The article was accurate and outlined how he [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Ireland’s EU/IMF Bailout

Everything You Need to Know about Ireland’s EU/IMF Bailout

With Ireland leaving the EU/IMF bailout this Sunday, we thought it would be good to do an info-graphic looking back at why we needed it, who is paying for it, the winners, the losers and where to from here. Just [...]

DIY Twitter Advertising Emphasizes Need for Attribution

DIY Twitter Advertising Emphasizes Need for Attribution

Now that Twitter has launched its self-service advertising interface, companies large and small will likely pile in and use some of the new advertising solutions. There are effectively 2 options. Promoted Tweets: Your tweets are shown in search results and [...]

15000 Morons Get What They Deserve!

Banners Broker, the ponzi scheme that I genuinely tried to stop, has crashed today with between 11-15000 people in Ireland alone being burned in the process. For the full story, see This was initially pitched to me by a client [...]

The Best of Steve Ballmer

Last week, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer announced that he will be stepping down within the next twelve months after thirteen years as CEO. Shares in Microsoft surged on the announcement as it is believed that Ballmer is not the visionary leader [...]

Is Banners Broker Gone?

About a year ago at this point, I met with a potential client of ours in an hotel in the midlands. We discussed how DPFOC may fit into his future plans. He was setting up a web design / online [...]

Learn from the Best Scientific Marketers

Learn from the Best Scientific Marketers

As technology continues to drive innovation in the marketing space, those companies that don’t embrace data based marketing will fall further behind those that do. In a report conducted by the Aberdeen Group, comparisons are made between best in class, [...]

Is the Irish Economy Recovering?

My thinking on the economy usually is the same as when I go to play a football match on a bad pitch ie it’s the same for everyone, there’s nothing I can do about it so just focus on my [...]

National Newspapers of Ireland Body Demonstrates Total Lack of Online Understanding

It is no secret that the newspaper industry in Ireland and around the world is in a state of flux. The term “newspaper” itself  is now almost out of date as most newspapers are read online; there is no physical [...]

Return on Advertising Investment

All too often I hear business owners say “we will use AdWords until our organic ranks improve and then we’ll turn it off.” This way of thinking is fundamentally flawed. AdWords, as with any form of advertising, either generates a [...]