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Facebook or Google?

Whenever I meet new clients, they ask me should they be marketing on Facebook or Google or both. I thought I’d write a quick post as a very basic guide. Basically, Google is undoubtedly the medium to use if you are looking to promote a product or service for which people are searching on Google each day. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool lets us see what is the amount of daily searches and this demand can be targeted using a combination of SEO and Adwords. For example, if there are 100 searches per day for “dentist Manchester” we can tap into this demand by having a well set up SEO and Adwords campaign.

Where Facebook comes into its own is in creating awareness about products or services that people are, as yet, unaware of and so not searching for. So, if you have developed a new offering and want to create awareness among a targeted demographic, Facebook is a powerful tool. Its power lies in the hyper targeting that is possible. Traditional media, for example placing an ad’ in a newspaper, allows only very loose demographic targeting. For example, as a generalisation, readers of broadsheets will be more highly educated and affluent than the typically more working class tabloid readers – this is not exactly a scientific approach though. Facebook however facilitates demographic targeting on a whole new level. If you wanted, you could have your ads appear to males between the ages of 30 and 32 who support Liverpool, live in London and are members of the Lib Dems! (not sure for what company, this group would constitute a target market though!!) It is this ability to zero in on the precise demographic that you want to reach and further to only pay if this demographic clicks on your ad that makes Facebook advertising such an effective tool. The fact that it hasn’t as yet seen the mass adoption that Adwords has means ads at this point are quite cheap – as more businesses begin to bid to reach certain demographics, this will likely increase so enjoy while we can!

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