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Google Commerce Search 3.0

Just watched a great webinar on Google Commerce Search.

Key takeaways are as follows:

  • Smartphones outsold desktop computers for the first time in Q4 2010 emphasising the need to “get mobile.”
  • 43% of all offline sales thought to have been researched online.
  • 70% of visitors to e-commerce sites use the site search facility.
  • Some online retailers are hitting double digit conversion rates.
  • Search as you type allied to instant results aims to bring the interactive experience available offline online – it is as if the site is talking to you!
  • Can be integrated with inventory management system to show local availability of products on the site.
  • Powerful merchandising tools available eg schedule special offers to run on certain dates for pre-defined periods well in advance.
  • Backend functionality facilitates customising results to highlight preferred products.
  • saw 34% increase in conversion rates. saw a 28% increase.

This latest update seems like a powerful solution and one that all e-tailers should seriously consider. We are in the process of updating our internal processes to ensure that we can help those e-tailers who decide to implement it.

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