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Interesting Online Reputation Management Development

As per this article from Google they are experimenting with the concept of displaying the author’s name as well as a picture of him/her in the search results as well as a link “more by this author.” This has pretty substantial implications for online reputation management for individuals in that if someone searches for your name, you can have some of your best content feature at the top of search results with your name attributed to it. To get this set up, you will need a Google + profile! For those who have written off Google + as a dead duck, Google is increasingly requiring users to have a profile in order to avail of certain benefits and this is yet another example. What author or celebrity would not set up a Google + profile now that by so doing their content can be attributed to them in search results? Once your profile is set up, at the end of the page referenced above, you can link your profile to content published by you. Once done, all you need to do is add “by your name” at the end of each article. I have done this by linking posts made by me at to my personal Google Plus profile. Look forward to checking back in a few days time to see if my blog posts are accompanied by my Google + profile image in search results.
So now all that remains for me to say is:
by Eddie O’ Driscoll

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