Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics
  • By Eddie O' Driscoll
  • on October 2, 2011
  • in Google Analytics

There is no doubt that the new Google Analytics Interface is pretty amazing; improving on the previous interface which is intutive, insightful and easy to use, I thought, would be impossible but I was wrong. Perhaps one of the best additions in the new interface is the mult-channel funnel conversion analysis feature. To learn about this check out a video from Google on it at The reason this feature is so helpful is that very often users interact with a website many times before going on to complete a purchase. Previously, the final interaction with the site was the one credited with generating the conversion despite the fact that this interaction may have been as a result of a number of previous research interactions. For example, let’s say you sell men’s watches online. A user goes to Google and types in “best value Rolex watch” and clicks on one of your Google Adwords ad’s promoting a deal that you are offering on a Rolex. The user browses the site, checks out and notes your prices and then leaves the site to browse the deals on offer by some of your competitors. He then returns to your site by typing the URL directly into the address bar at the top of the browser and completes the purchase. Up to now, this conversion would be attributed to the direct source despite the fact that the sale owed its origin to a Google Adwords click. One of the best features of the multi-channel funnel is the ability to conduct a “first interaction analysis.” This lets the site owner see where sales originate. Sales on a site very often do not originate and close from the same source so knowing how people first come into contact with your site is extremely valuable information as it allows the site owner to focus his investment on such media to ensure that more and more people are entering the top of the sales funnel most likely to result in sales. Be sure to check this feature out and if you need any help on this or any other part of Google Analytics, give us a call!

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