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Why Use Google Chrome

I have to say that the more I use Google Chrome, the more I can never see myself going back to IE or Firefox (except I have to use Firefox sometimes for all the plug-ins). The speed of the Chrome is really fantastic. For example, if I want to open the DPFOC website, I simply need to type www.dp and hit the return key! With all other browsers, you need to type www.dp and then select DPFOC site from the drop down menu of predictive results that appears. Fair enough, this saves about a second or two but how often during the course of the day do we browse to different URLs? Every little helps and little touches like this really speed things up! Another nice addition is the “paste and go” function. If you need to copy a website address and paste directly into your address bar at the top of the browser, in Chrome, when you right click in the address bar, you are given the option “paste and go.” As the name suggests, the address is pasted and you are immediately redirected to the site in question. Well done Google!

It is also interesting to see Google promoting Chrome on large billboards in city centres, in gymn light box advertisements and even in taxi-cabs! Even Google realises that online marketing is but a component of an overall marketing initiative. As an online marketing agency, sometimes we feel anything offline is Fred Flinstone stuff but if Google can see sense in offline media, the rest of us need to make sure we are not neglecting offline marketing activities.

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