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Why DPFOC leads in link building

Why are links important?

The primary goal of a search engine is to deliver the best possible results for a given search query. Assuming the on-page factors of two pages are the same, search engines rely on off-page factors to determine which page is “best.” Study after study has shown that by quite a distance, the most important off-page factor is the number of links a website / webpage has. The reason for this is that the number of links that a website has is undoubtedly the hardest metric to game and so search engines rely on this metric heavily. Their premise is that great content gets linked to so the more links a website receives, the better it is and so the better it ranks. Building links is indeed challenging and painstaking work.

How do we build links?

For the past 5 years DPFOC has been studying and continues to study and test various link-building techniques. We understand the need for quality as opposed to quantity, the need for relevance and the need to build a natural link profile from a diverse source. We feel that our results speak for themselves with many of the world’s leading companies relying on DPFOC for link-building as well as literally thousands of competitive key-phrases in top 3 ranks. We know our links work because our clients’ sites rank highly!

How do we report?

Every link that we build is tracked and made available to our clients for inspection in real time via our web based link tracker.

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