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What our clients Say..
Written Testimonials

We have used many SEO companies throughout the years but none have delivered as exceptional results as DPFOC has. DPFOC gave us realistic expectations and exceeded these. In a post-penguin SEO environment, DPFOC has proven themselves to deliver world class results even in our competitive industry. Their under-promise over-deliver no contract approach is a welcome change in the North American market. DPFOC had to earn our business and we are pleased to say they have. I can´t recommend DPFOC highly enough in terms of the quality of the service and value for money.
Dan Costabile,
Manager of Web Development, MARRIOTT GATEWAY ON THE FALLS,
Niagara Falls, Canada,

I pride myself on providing my clients with the best home inspection experience possible. Prior to engaging DPFOC for SEO I knew my competitors (who were providing an inferior service) were getting more business than us simply because they outranked us organically on Google.
Since DPFOC began work on my site, they have delivered on and exceeded, every expectation. As a direct result of our page 1 Google placement for our most relevant keywords, I am getting more bookings and inquiries than ever before – business is booming and it's definitely thanks to the work DPFOC have done on the website.
DPFOC have shown themselves to be professional, well researched to stay on top of the ever-evolving SEO landscape and excellent to do business with. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to attract more customers to their business in an extremely cost effective manner.
Randy McKay,
Owner/CMI-CCHI/Level 1 Thermographer, Mr. Home Inspection Services Inc.,
Calgary, Canada,

We chose DPFOC to manage our SEO and Adwords campaigns. After receiving countless sales calls from other SEO companies we were sceptical of all of them. DPFOC however exceeded our expectations by taking us to top rankings for keywords that are very important to our business like "sunrooms Canada". As the traffic comes in we look forward to steadily growing our online presence. We have no hesitation recommending DPFOC to anyone looking for a professional and honest company to improve their online presence.
Devin Smith,
Sales Manager, Suncoast Screen Enclosures,
Alberta, Canada,

I knew that our potential patients were searching on Google but as our site wasn´t ranking well, we were missing out on this business. Knowing the SEO industry is unregulated and hearing multiple stories of companies that over promise and under deliver we were feeling disillusioned. After receiving the initial proposal and discussing the "in´s and out´s" of how it all works we decided to engage DPFOC to improve our ranks. Within a couple of months we were ranking in top position for several of our most valuable keywords including "Calgary Orthodontists". DPFOC kept their promises to us, and our website visibility has dramatically increased. I am delighted to provide them with this testimonial and I would highly recommend them. A huge thank you to your team at DPFOC!
Dr. Jennifer Smith,
Impact Orthodontics,
Calgary, Canada,

Before engaging DPFOC, our website was getting very little traffic and we were no where to be found for important keywords to our business. We have a niche market so managing advertising costs are critically important. After 2 months our site was on page 1 and in 3 months we are in a top 3 position for all of our targeted keywords and ranked #1 for "Liquidation Canada" on New clients are finding us on Google and this generates steady flows of new business for us. The ROI that we generate on our monthly spend with DPFOC is fantastic.Our experience with DPFOC is that they keep their promises and are a pleasure to deal with – I am happy to recommend them.
Dino Valentini,
Director, VDC Canada,
St. Catharines, ON,, Canada,

We made a significant investment in our website but found that despite the cost and all the promises, we were just not getting traffic to our site. The team at DPFOC worked in consultation with us to determine the best keyword searches. Within the first month, enquiries generated through our website (thanks to DPFOC) were outranking the number of queries we received via conventional advertising methods. Our Google rankings are up higher than ever before. We would recommend the services of DPFOC to any business desiring a better internet presence.
Graeme Hutchings,
Director, Big Trailer Warehouse,
Geelong, Australia,

I just want to acknowledge and say a big thank you Matthew and his team at DPFOC Australia. Being a furniture manufacturer without a specific and dedicated showroom has meant the majority of my leads are all internet based. Without DPFOC’s involvement in improving my rankings in Google and other search engines, my sales would not be anywhere near as good as what they are now! If you have a business that is looking for more promotion, then I can definitely recommend DPFOC Australia. Thank you and look forward to many more years of good rankings!
Todd Smith,
Director, Jarrimber Furniture,
Perth, Australia,

DPFOC was the best choice I could have made to get my website ranking for my businesses search key-phrases. DPFOC has exceeded my expectations by getting my website to page 1 of sooner that expected! I have found the DPFOC staff to be honest, professional and most importantly they have delivered ranking results which is generating leads from my website, and new clients for my business. I would not hesitate to recommend DPFOC for SEO services as they are good value for money, and provide great service!
Kimberly Ekblad,
Kimberly Ekblad Personal Training,
Perth, Australia,

I run a number of websites providing exercise programs for surf and snow sports. DPFOC recently started work on one of my websites ( to improve the SEO rankings and help me get more customers. I am happy to say that after the first month I am now on the first or second page for a number of my keywords and I am noticing an increase in traffic to my website as well as more sign-ups for my ski exercise program. I have found the staff at DPFOC very helpful and efficient and I am looking forward to seeing my SEO results improve even more over the next few months. I am even more excited to see what DPFOC can do for my other websites! Thanks!
Clayton Beatty,
Total Skiing/Surfing Fitness,
Perth, Australia,

Matt, many thanks to you and the DPFOC team for the work you have done for our website. The ranking results that you have been able to achieve at the top of page 1 for the best keyphrases for us have been great! The service you have provided and time you have taken to explain things with us is also appreciated.
John Tissott,
Manager, EFYC,
Palmyra, Australia,

I have found that dpfoc absolutely fantastic . Their staff are incredibly professional , courteous and efficient .most impressive is that the whole company has exceptional communication with ours which makes trusting them with our needs so much more easier . They achieved top ranking results for us a lot quicker than I expected and I recommend their SEO to anyone who uses a web based business.
Chris Green,
Northshore counselling and training services,
Perth, Australia,

We were sceptical about handing over design, development and ongoing marketing of our new site to DPFOC as their technical staff are in India and we are based in Dublin. However, Eddie O’ Driscoll (Irish based sales exec’) came to our office, got us set up on Skype and we quickly realised that Skype and screen-sharing made communication with the team in India very easy.

We are delighted with our site but more importantly with our rank in Google for our target key-phrases. Our site sits proudly on top of for our most important key-phrases “security company,” “security services” and dozens others all of which send steady traffic flows to our site which in turn lead to new business.

I am happy to recommend DPFOC to any company looking for a high quality web design and SEO company.
Larry Maguire,
Marketing Manager, MCM Security,
Dublin, Ireland,

Home Care Plus identified Google as a key marketing channel for our business from day one. Having been shown by Eddie O’ Driscoll how to use the Google Adwords Keyword tool, I quickly realised that there were a lot of people searching for “home care” and various other related services in each month. Our goal was simple: build an impressive site and get it as quickly as possible to the top of Google to get our offering in front of as many potential clients as possible. I am delighted to report that our site currently sits in top 3 of for pretty much all target key-phrases “home care” “home help” and “home assistance.” Our experience with DPFOC is that they keep their promises and are a pleasure to deal with – I am happy to recommend them.
Michael Harty,
MD, Home Care Plus,
Dublin, Ireland,

When I got involved with DPFOC in March 2012 my website was not ranking on the Google searches for any of my important key-phrases. Now, 5 months later, my top 5 phrases are at Rank 1 and my other phrases are all in the Top 5 ranking.
I notice a considerable increase in relevant enquiries via the website and the new business gained more than pays for my investment in SEO.
I would highly recommend DPFOC to other businesses.
Daniel Dwyer,,
Proprietor, Top Grade Roofing,
Dublin, Ireland,

DPFOC has out preformed our expectations and achieved our objectives in a fraction of the time we anticipated. For us, it was a very smooth interaction and the results speak for themselves. In the addition, we found all members of the team most helpful, professional, courteous and highly competent. We have no hesitation in recommending DPFOC to any potential clients as they continue to exceed expectations. We wish the company continued success and hopefully the recognition your commitment to customer services, deserves.
Maureen Cuddihy,
Partner, Mullins Cuddihy & Associates,
Dublin, Ireland, is a new website which showcases engagement rings from jewellers across Ireland. As we are an on-line business, the need for high volumes of traffic was essential for the website to succeed. While I had a basic knowledge in SEO I found the flexibility of DFPOC very impressive. I was provided with a listing of the key words I should focus on based on the terms people use most often. No only do they work on the SEO of the website, they can also recommend and implement improvements which has resulted in my website increasing our Google rankings further. I find their professionalism and flexibility second to none and would highly recommend DPFOC to any company looking for a greater presence online.
Martin Commins,
Director, Perfect Ring Limited,
Dublin, Ireland,

Davitt Corporate Partners Ltd is Ireland´s leading organisational psychology consultancy and, as such, our business was primarily driven by word of mouth. I have always been sceptical of SEO companies that claimed to be able to get you onto the first page of Google but one day I decided to give DPFOC a call and I am extremely happy that I did. All our key phrases were ranking outside the top 100 and within a matter of weeks, some were already near the top spot. All the key phrases DPFOC have worked on to date are on page 1 and half of those are ranked in the top 3, with several at number 1. We have seen a significant increase in the number of calls we are receiving and enquires through our website and many of those have turned into new business. I cannot recommend DPFOC highly enough.
David Keane,
Director, DavittCorporatePartners,
Dublin, Ireland,

Since engaging DPFOC, we have seen our ranks for all our target key-phrases improve substantially. We are very happy with this.
Audrey McEniff,
General Manager, Holyrood Hotel,
Donegal, Ireland,

Since DPFOC took over our website, our ranks have steadily improved and now we´re in top 3 position for pretty much all of our target key-words which is hard to argue with. I find DPFOC staff to be very professional, friendly and genuinely interested in getting more traffic to our site. I´m very happy to recommend DPFOC to anyone looking to get more traffic to their website.
Brian Mc Eniff,
Proprietor, The Great Northern Hotel,
Donegal, Ireland,

I can't speak highly enough of DPFOC. Our site is in top spot for most of our target key-phrases and our call volume is up 230%. The money I spend with DPFOC monthly is a drop in the ocean compared to the value of the clients that come through the site each week. I recommend them to everyone in business who I meet. In my opinion, they are by a million miles the best SEO company in Ireland.
John Casey,
MD, Casey Fencing,
Cork, Ireland,

Since engaging DPFOC, we´ve seen our ranks improve substantially. We´re in position 1 or 2 for all our phrases – hard to argue with that!
Colin Clarke,
MD, Clarke Electrical,
Dublin, Ireland,

Since we went with DPFOC, our ranks have improved substantially. We're continuously adding new phrases to target and all are ranking in top 3 positions. We're very happy with DPFOC.
Paul Murphy,
Proprietor, InGear,
Dublin, Ireland,

When DPFOC took over our website, none of our target key-phrases were ranking in the top 100 results. Now, we're on page 1 for everything and top 5 for most phrases. We're very happy with DPFOC.
Niall Devine,
MD, National Appliance Repairs,
Nationwide, Ireland,

DPFOC has consistently proved its ability to get our target key-phrases ranking highly in short periods of time. We are very happy with the results delivered to date and so happy to provide a testimonial for DPFOC.
Dr Paul Munsanje,
Director, Amara,
Nationwide, Ireland,

We rely on DPFOC to manage the SEO and PPC (Google AdWords) work for our two websites and . Our experience with DPFOC is that they are tightly focussed on driving the maximum number of conversions at the lowest possible cost per acquisition. Their efforts continue to drive up conversions and down the cost per conversion. I'm happy to recommend them.
Cloe Egan,
Head of online strategy, The Beacon Hotel & The Morgan Hotel Dublin,
Dublin, Ireland,

If I compare the traffic to my website for the 8 months that DPFOC have been working on my site to the previous 8 months, traffic is up by 174%. This is because my site is in top spot for 2 of my most important phrases on Google and is in top 5 rank for 5 other phrases. I am a results oriented person and DPFOC delivers results; I am happy to recommend DPFOC to any company looking to grow visitors to their website.
Andrzej Ochenkowski,
MD, AOK Insulation,
Cork, Ireland,

My website is in top spot for all the phrases I advised DPFOC that I wanted to target. I am quite well informed about SEO so I know what are the most valuable phrases and these are now all in top spot – DPFOC has far exceeded my expectations and as I am in top spot for every phrase it would seem DPFOC is the best SEO company operating in Ireland.
Conor McCarthy,
Managing Director, Precious Petals,
Dublin, Ireland,

I'm top of for "skip hire Dublin" which is the most searched for phrase in my industry. This rank alone drives visitors and business to me every day. DPFOC also advise me on my PPC and this also sends me visitors and new clients every day. I can’t recommend DPFOC highly enough in terms of the quality of the service and the value for money.
Tommy Murphy,
Proprietor, Pay Less Skip Hire,
Dublin, Ireland,

Before signing with DPFOC, my website was getting very little traffic. After 3 months with them, my site is now in a top 3 rank on for all my most important key-phrases. I now get around 30 new visitors to the site each day. This has resulted in a lot more enquiries and a return on investment many times what I pay DPFOC each month. Choosing DPFOC has been a really great choice for me and I am happy to recommend them to any company that wishes to get more targeted traffic to their website.
Noel Condon,
Proprietor, DCT,
Limerick, Ireland,

We know that when people are searching for a cleaning company either for business or personally that Google is their first port of call. We knew that to reach these people, we needed to get our site onto page 1 of Google and as high up on page 1 as possible as quickly as possible. We decided to try DPFOC as they have a lengthy list of results achieved for other companies and a lengthy list of testimonials so this track record assured us that they were likely to do a good job. We are delighted to report that they have done just that as our site is now on page 1 of and still climbing for all our target phrases. Being in top spot for the phrases “house cleaning” and “house cleaning Dublin” is a really great boost for us. We are more than happy to recommend DPFOC as they have done a great job for us and ranks keep improving every month.
Dermot Guckin,
Marketing Manager, Maud's Home Care,
Dublin, Ireland,

We have been with DPFOC now for over two years. In that time, we have seen substantial rank improvements and traffic growth to our site . Our traffic this year is up 75% compared to the same period last year. Every day new clients find us on Google and this generates steady flows of new business for us. The ROI that we generate on our monthly spend with DPFOC is fantastic and so we have stayed with them for as long as we have. If you are interested in winning more business for your company then I highly recommend DPFOC.
James Murphy,
Proprietor, Cleanscape,
Dublin, Ireland,

Our site is on page one for all of our target phrases and in top 3 for most and this happened far quicker than we would have expected. DPFOC staff are professional, courteous and always revert almost immediately with any query that we have. I am very happy to recommend DPFOC to any company looking to market their business on Google.
Mark McGarvey,
Managing Director, Cheap Storage,
Dublin, Ireland,

I know a bit about SEO myself as have researched over the years. I had been getting some good results but needed an extra push to get right up the rankings. DPFOC’s expertise and sheer manpower provided that push and now my site is top for many of my target phrases and the rest are climbing steadily. I’m happy to recommend DPFOC to anyone looking for a hard working, well informed, conscientious SEO provider.
Barry Rice,
Head of Online Marketing, Trade Shutters Ltd,
Dublin, Ireland,

It’s nice to deal with a company that is setting new standards of service as far as I can tell. I will recommend you every chance I get, thanks for all your help thus far.
Peter Delaney,
Director, Able Plus,
Dublin, Ireland,

We engaged DPFOC to optimise our website for our most important key-phrases like “damp proofing” “rising damp solutions” “woodworm” and many more. Pretty much all the key-phrases are in top 3 of with many in top spot. We find DPFOC to be honest, hard working, professional and most importantly deliver great results. We are happy to provide a testimonial for them.
Peter Woods,
Director, Pro-Tech,
Dublin, Ireland,

Rockwood Business Centre is a busy serviced office facility. We constantly have new tenants as well as a steady stream of virtual office clients. We needed a company that could look after accounts for the business to include invoicing (rent and telephone), bank reconciliation and accounts receivable. We wanted all data online so we could extract various KPIs in real time. DPFOC recommended as an online accounting system with fully integrated CRM. We went with this and are delighted with how the relationship has turned out. DPFOC staff are professional, conscientious and handle the accounts function smoothly for us. I am happy to recommend DPFOC as a reliable & professional company.
Brian Woods,
MD, Rockwood Business Centre,
Dublin, Ireland,

DPFOC exceeded our expectations by getting our site into position 1 for a lot of our target phrases. They have kept their commitments and ranks continue to improve. We´re delighted we chose DPFOC and happy to recommend them.
Philip Wallnutt,
Corium Direct,
Dublin, Ireland,

We used DPFOC to build our new website – we are very happy with the website and happy to provide a testimonial for DPFOC.
Todd Fitzgerald,
Shannonside Galvanizing,
Limerick, Ireland,

To be honest, when we initially got a call from India we were a bit dubious as we have never dealt with anyone there before. However, we then spoke to Andy Callanan in Ireland and he explained everything to us. We checked out DPFOC’s site and saw that they had a lengthy list of testimonials and a very strong track record so we said we’d give them a shot. We are absolutely delighted that we did. They 100% exceeded our expectations. They are courteous, responsive, knowledgeable and get results. As I’ve said to Andy already, I recommend DPFOC to everyone that asks me how did we get such good results for our website.
Derrick Healy,
The Art Team,
Dublin, Ireland,

I took DPFOC on to improve the rank of our website. When they took over the site, it was not ranking anywhere within the top ten pages of for any of our key-phrases. Now, we are on top of for “printing Cork” and in top 3 positions for other phrases like “printing company Cork” and “printers Cork.” They did precisely what they said they’d do – hard to argue with that. I’m happy to provide this testimonial for them.
Norman Coleman,
Cola Design,
Cork, Ireland,

I had started researching a new SEO company after receiving less than adequate results from our provider at the time. Naturally, when you are looking for the same results for your own company, you would trust the first few businesses that ranked at the top of the first page of Google. We had been in discussion with a few companies, but what stood out the most to us was their communication. The sales approach was not pushy, nor inflated. We felt that they were the best fit for our needs moving forward.
Since we have engaged in the services of DPFOC, we have been extremely happy with the rankings we have been getting, and in a timely manner. Their "under promise, over deliver" is not a selling tool. They have exceeded our expectations of what we had originally looked for, and continually deliver exceptional services.
I would personally and professionally recommend DPFOC to anyone looking to take their online presence to the next level, in this highly competitive industry.
Amber Anderson,
Marketing & Advertising, USPlabs,
Dallas, TX USA,

We are experts at e-mail marketing and provide world class service levels to our clients. In terms of SEO, we recommend DPFOC who are SEO experts and who share our commitment to the very highest service levels.
Matt Byrom,
MD, e-mail Spring,
London, UK,

DPFOC manages our SEO as well as our Google AdWords PPC campaigns. We find DPFOC to be hard working, well informed and genuinely committed to getting results for our business. We have no hesitation in recommending DPFOC to any business looking to promote itself on Google.
Angela Hart,
Head of Marketing, Supreme Systems,
Birmingham, UK,

IPEX World is part of Informa Exhibitions Print Group. Informa’s companies operate in over 40 countries and employ over 10,000 staff around the globe. As a world leader in the sectors in which we operate, we must demand a lot of ourselves and expect the same of our suppliers. We find DPFOC to be a good fit with our business as they share our commitment to excellence and have a genuine desire to be the best in the world at what they do. I am happy to recommend DPFOC to any company that is serious about leveraging search marketing to grow their business.
Nick Craig Waller,
Marketing Director, IPEX World,
London, UK,

We get many calls each day promoting various SEO services. We decided to meet with DPFOC following a number of chats to them and after having been provided with a large amount of testimonials they have received from other reputable companies. They stood out from the other companies that call us that don’t have as many testimonials as DPFOC. Also, we were impressed by their results page which gave us confidence that they were a reputable agency. We have been working with DPFOC now for over a year and have moved from just one of our sites being managed by them to all 3 of our sites. We have found DPFOC to be responsive, hard working and above all deliver results. We are happy to provide a testimonial for them and recommend them.
Sara Vestin Rahmani,
Proprietor, Peekaboo Childcare,
London, UK,

I knew that my potential clients were searching for photographers on Google but as my site wasn’t ranking well, I was missing out on this business. After engaging another company, that made all the promises but didn't deliver, I was feeling a little disillusioned, however after meeting Eddie who explained exactly how it all worked, I engaged DPFOC to improve my rank. It did take a number of months but I am now on top of Google for my target phrases and we are now pursuing more phrases to add still more traffic. DPFOC kept their promises to me, and I have so many more enquiries coming in, so I am delighted to provide them with this testimonial and I would highly recommend them. A huge thank you to your team at DPFOC!
Samantha Brown,
Proprietor, Samantha Brown Photography,
Liverpool, UK,

Like most people in business, I had become totally disillusioned with SEO. I had tried many companies and the pattern was the same. Great sales guys called, promised me everything and I gave them the benefit of the doubt and signed up. Each time I was badly let down. When I met DPFOC’s sales guy, like the rest, he was impressive but reassuringly his promises were far less optimistic than the others. Out of desperation more than anything else, I said I’d give them a shot. Thankfully, this time round, I have found a company that does what they say they do. My site now sits proudly in position 3 of for “limo hire London” a phrase that no other company could even get onto page 1, not to mind top 3. If you are looking for an honest, hard working company with real SEO expertise that do what they say they’ll do, I believe that DPFOC are unrivalled and am more than happy to provide this testimonial for them.
Carl Westwood,
Proprietor, LA Stretch Limos,
London, UK,

I chose DPFOC to manage our SEO and Google Adwords marketing. We were extremely wary given bad experiences in the past but are delighted to report that DPFOC exceeded our expectations by taking us from page 5 to position 4 of page 1 in under 2 months for our most important phrase “cleaning services London.” We are now adding more phrases and look forward to steadily growing our traffic over the coming months. We are delighted to provide a testimonial for a company that keeps its promises.
Rumen Rashcov,
Director, Daisy Clean,
London, UK,

I engaged DPFOC to optimise my website: . We are on page 1 for our 4 target key-phrases on "bathroom pod" "bathroom pods" "shower pod" and "shower pods". I am very happy with this result and so happy to provide a testimonial for DPFOC.
Eleanor Hornibrook,
MD, Stelco Bathroom Pods,
London, UK,

After 6 months with DPFOC, we were in top 3 for pretty much all of our target phrases and now going after more phrases - hard to argue with that as they did what they said they would. Very Happy.
James w Rooney,
Marketing Manager, James W Roofing,
Manchester, UK,

I called DPFOC after being referred by a friend who was using them for his photography business to great effect so thought I’d see if they could help me. I have found DPFOC to be honest, hard-working, conscientious, professional and polite in my dealings with them and am happy to provide this testimonial for them.
Mark Johnson,
Proprietor, WallSpace,
Gloucestershire, UK,

I used DPFOC to design and develop a website to promote our Bar Sport Franchise. I was very happy with the design, DPFOC’s professionalism and the price I paid. I look forward to working with DPFOC to promote the site via Adwords and SEO. I’m happy to recommend DPFOC.
Scott Murray,
Cannock, UK,

I have had many phone calls over the years we have been in business about getting to the first page of Google for our keywords. I know a bit about SEO so I am always very suspicious of companies who claim they can do this. We agreed to meet Eddie and were impressed by his candour and honesty, and agreed to try their servive. We signed up and within a few weeks were on the first page, far quicker than I thought possible.

I found that DPFOC did exactly what they said they would and were very impressed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them as they are exceptional value for money, transparent about their activities and exceeded our expectations very quickly.
Blue Skies Photography,
Bristol, UK,

When launching in India, i-to-i needed a local partner to manage our contact centre. We needed a company that we could trust to deliver the same levels of customer service for which “i-to-i ” is so well known. We needed a company that shared our passion for excellence. To this end, DPFOC was a natural fit. Their professionalism, dedication and flexibility is remarkable. We consider ourselves lucky to have found such a great company to partner with in India and are delighted to provide this testimonial for them.
Andrew Jack,
London, UK,

I have used many SEO companies throughout the years and had frankly given up after been promised so much but no one ever delivered. By contrast, DPFOC gave me realistic expectations and exceeded these. Their under-promise over deliver approach is a real breath of fresh air. I recommend DPFOC to all my clients and am happy to provide this testimonial for them.
Rod Hind Marsh,
How 2 Franchise,
Banbury, UK,

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having your website occupy top spot on major search engines for key-phrases that are relevant to your business and that have demand (people searching for it on a daily basis) is the most effective form of online marketing. Search engines, primarily Google, are the reference points of choice for people & companies throughout Canada when researching products / services. Many people ignore the advertisements (sponsored links) in favour of natural results due to their perceived unbiased nature. Being at the top is the holy grail as this position will drive steady flows of targeted traffic to your website that, assuming the website / landing page is good (see our conversion optimization section), will convert at high rates.

There are literally hundreds of SEO companies providing various SEO services in Canada. Choosing which company to delegate your SEO services to is not easy given the choice on offer. However, when choosing, there are some simple things that you can do to ensure that you get a competent, professional SEO company that will deliver ROI for you.

  1. What is their track record?
    SEO companies that are good at what they do will have a lengthy list of results to which they can point. See our results page for the results that we have achieved for Canadian companies.
  2. Do they have testimonials?
    High quality SEO companies will have a lengthy list of testimonials from reputable companies. See our testimonials page for what our clients say about us.
  3. Are they a Google AdWords Certified Company?
    Companies that claim to be experts on Google should have sat Google´s exams. DPFOC´s staff have and this can be verified here:

If you own or are in charge of marketing a business in Canada and are looking to engage an SEO company with a track record of providing world class SEO services, we would love to hear from you.

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SEO Company Canada