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What our clients Say..
Written Testimonials

I just want to acknowledge and say a big thank you Matthew and his team at DPFOC Australia. Being a furniture manufacturer without a specific and dedicated showroom has meant the majority of my leads are all internet based. Without DPFOC's involvement in improving my rankings in Google and other search engines, my sales would not be anywhere near as good as what they are now! If you have a business that is looking for more promotion, then I can definitely recommend DPFOC Australia. Thank you and look forward to many more years of good rankings!Todd Smith,
Director Jarrimber Furniture,
Perth, Australia,

I have found that dpfoc absolutely fantastic . Their staff are incredibly professional , courteous and efficient .most impressive is that the whole company has exceptional communication with ours which makes trusting them with our needs so much more easier . They achieved top ranking results for us a lot quicker than I expected and I recommend their SEO to anyone who uses a web based business.Chris Green,
Northshore counselling and training services,
Perth, Australia,

When I got involved with DPFOC in March 2012 my website was not ranking on the Google searches for any of my important key-phrases. Now, 5 months later, my top 5 phrases are at Rank 1 and my other phrases are all in the Top 5 ranking. I notice a considerable increase in relevant enquiries via the website and the new business gained more than pays for my investment in SEO. I would highly recommend DPFOC to other businesses.Daniel Dwyer,
Proprietor Top Grade Roofing,
Dublin, Ireland, is a new website which showcases engagement rings from jewellers across Ireland. As we are an on-line business, the need for high volumes of traffic was essential for the website to succeed. While I had a basic knowledge in SEO I found the flexibility of DFPOC very impressive. I was provided with a listing of the key words I should focus on based on the terms people use most often. No only do they work on the SEO of the website, they can also recommend and implement improvements which has resulted in my website increasing our Google rankings further. I find their professionalism and flexibility second to none and would highly recommend DPFOC to any company looking for a greater presence online.Martin Commins,
Director Perfect Ring Limited,
Dublin, Ireland,

Davitt Corporate Partners Ltd is Ireland´s leading organisational psychology consultancy and, as such, our business was primarily driven by word of mouth. I have always been sceptical of SEO companies that claimed to be able to get you onto the first page of Google but one day I decided to give DPFOC a call and I am extremely happy that I did. All our key phrases were ranking outside the top 100 and within a matter of weeks, some were already near the top spot. All the key phrases DPFOC have worked on to date are on page 1 and half of those are ranked in the top 3, with several at number 1. We have seen a significant increase in the number of calls we are receiving and enquires through our website and many of those have turned into new business. I cannot recommend DPFOC highly enough.David Keane,
Director DavittCorporatePartners,
Dublin, Ireland,

Since engaging DPFOC, we´ve seen our ranks improve substantially. We´re in position 1 or 2 for all our phrases – hard to argue with that!Colin Clarke,
MD Clarke Electrical,
Dublin, Ireland,

Since we went with DPFOC, our ranks have improved substantially. We're continuously adding new phrases to target and all are ranking in top 3 positions. We're very happy with DPFOC.Paul Murphy,
Proprietor InGear,
Dublin, Ireland,

I'm top of for "skip hire Dublin" which is the most searched for phrase in my industry. This rank alone drives visitors and business to me every day. DPFOC also advise me on my PPC and this also sends me visitors and new clients every day. I can't recommend DPFOC highly enough in terms of the quality of the service and the value for money.Tommy Murphy,
Proprietor Pay Less Skip Hire,
Dublin, Ireland,

We have been with DPFOC now for over two years. In that time, we have seen substantial rank improvements and traffic growth to our site . Our traffic this year is up 75% compared to the same period last year. Every day new clients find us on Google and this generates steady flows of new business for us. The ROI that we generate on our monthly spend with DPFOC is fantastic and so we have stayed with them for as long as we have. If you are interested in winning more business for your company then I highly recommend DPFOC.James Murphy,
Proprietor Cleanscape,
Dublin, Ireland,

Our site is on page one for all of our target phrases and in top 3 for most and this happened far quicker than we would have expected. DPFOC staff are professional, courteous and always revert almost immediately with any query that we have. I am very happy to recommend DPFOC to any company looking to market their business on Google.Mark McGarvey,
Marketing Manager Cheap Storage,
Dublin, Ireland,

It's nice to deal with a company that is setting new standards of service as far as I can tell. I will recommend you every chance I get, thanks for all your help thus far.Peter Delaney,
Director Able Plus,
Dublin, Ireland,

We engaged DPFOC to optimise our website for our most important key-phrases like "damp proofing"¯ "rising damp solutions"¯ "woodworm"¯ and many more. Pretty much all the key-phrases are in top 3 of with many in top spot. We find DPFOC to be honest, hard working, professional and most importantly deliver great results. We are happy to provide a testimonial for them.Peter Woods,
Director Pro-Tech,
Dublin, Ireland,

To be honest, when we initially got a call from India we were a bit dubious as we have never dealt with anyone there before. However, we then spoke to Andy Callanan in Ireland and he explained everything to us. We checked out DPFOC's site and saw that they had a lengthy list of testimonials and a very strong track record so we said we'd give them a shot. We are absolutely delighted that we did. They 100% exceeded our expectations. They are courteous, responsive, knowledgeable and get results. As I've said to Andy already, I recommend DPFOC to everyone that asks me how did we get such good results for our website.Derrick Healy,
The Art Team,
Dublin, Ireland,

We get many calls each day promoting various SEO services. We decided to meet with DPFOC following a number of chats to them and after having been provided with a large amount of testimonials they have received from other reputable companies. They stood out from the other companies that call us that don't have as many testimonials as DPFOC. Also, we were impressed by their results page which gave us confidence that they were a reputable agency. We have been working with DPFOC now for over a year and have moved from just one of our sites being managed by them to all 3 of our sites. We have found DPFOC to be responsive, hard working and above all deliver results. We are happy to provide a testimonial for them and recommend them.Sara Vestin Rahmani,
Proprietor Peekaboo Childcare,
London, UK,

I chose DPFOC to manage our SEO and Google Adwords marketing. We were extremely wary given bad experiences in the past but are delighted to report that DPFOC exceeded our expectations by taking us from page 5 to position 4 of page 1 in under 2 months for our most important phrase "cleaning services London". We are now adding more phrases and look forward to steadily growing our traffic over the coming months. We are delighted to provide a testimonial for a company that keeps its promises.Rumen Rashcov,
Director Daisy Clean,
London, UK,

I engaged DPFOC to optimise my website: . We are on page 1 for our 4 target key-phrases on "bathroom pod" "bathroom pods" "shower pod" and "shower pods". I am very happy with this result and so happy to provide a testimonial for DPFOC.Eleanor Hornibrook,
MD Stelco Bathroom Pods,
London, UK,

I used DPFOC to design and develop a website to promote our Bar Sport Franchise. I was very happy with the design, DPFOC's professionalism and the price I paid. I look forward to working with DPFOC to promote the site via Adwords and SEO. I'm happy to recommend DPFOC.Scott Murray,
Cannock, UK,

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having your website occupy top spot on major search engines for key-phrases that are relevant to your business and that have demand (people searching for it on a daily basis) is the most effective form of online marketing. Search engines, primarily Google, are the reference points of choice for people & companies throughout Canada when researching products / services. Many people ignore the advertisements (sponsored links) in favour of natural results due to their perceived unbiased nature. Being at the top is the holy grail as this position will drive steady flows of targeted traffic to your website that, assuming the website / landing page is good (see our conversion optimization section), will convert at high rates.

There are literally hundreds of SEO companies providing various SEO services in Canada. Choosing which company to delegate your SEO services to is not easy given the choice on offer. However, when choosing, there are some simple things that you can do to ensure that you get a competent, professional SEO company that will deliver ROI for you.

  1. What is their track record?
    SEO companies that are good at what they do will have a lengthy list of results to which they can point. See our results page for the results that we have achieved for Canadian companies.
  2. Do they have testimonials?
    High quality SEO companies will have a lengthy list of testimonials from reputable companies. See our testimonials page for what our clients say about us.
  3. Are they a Google AdWords Certified Company?
    Companies that claim to be experts on Google should have sat Google´s exams. DPFOC´s staff have and this can be verified here:

If you own or are in charge of marketing a business in Canada and are looking to engage an SEO company with a track record of providing world class SEO services, we would love to hear from you.

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