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DPFOC - Your Specialist Digital Marketing Agency

DPFOC stands for "Driving Profitability For Our Clients". We are a digital marketing agency serving Irish companies since 2008. While there are hundreds of digital marketing companies serving the Irish market, we believe that we stand above the rest for a number of reasons.

Our Digital Marketing Agency Team:

Our team of digital marketing executives has expertise spanning the full spectrum of online marketing. We have specialist divisions for Web Design, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Tracking / Active Budget Management, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing as well as for third party platforms like Amazon and Ebay. By choosing DPFOC to be your online marketing agency, you can be assured that those charged with managing your digital marketing are genuine online marketing experts with cutting edge knowledge in their particular discipline. This contrasts with most online marketing companies who employ "online marketing specialists" who are expected to be expert in all aspects of online marketing which is not at all feasible.

Ongoing Investment in R and D as a Digital Marketing Agency:

Digital marketing changes with break-neck speed. Online marketing expertise fast becomes redundant; many digital marketing agencies struggle to keep pace with this rapid pace of change. This is why all of our division heads have ring-fenced research time to ensure that our expertise and the policies that flow from this are always up to the minute. We genuinely are a digital marketing company obsessed by the art and science of winning business online.

A Profit Focused Digital Marketing Agency:

Many online marketing companies want to talk to their clients about likes, links, +1s, shares, retweets etc. While we know that these metrics are important, we understand that the ultimate reason that we have been engaged as a digital marketing agency by our client is to grow their leads, sales and so profitability. Our team of digital marketing experts are acutely aware of this. We know that to be the best digital marketing company in the world, we must make everyone of our clients more profitable by leveraging up to the minute online marketing techniques.

Partnership Approach as your Digital Marketing Agency:

Unlike many online marketing agencies, we genuinely see our clients as our partners. Our success as a digital marketing agency is tightly tied to the success of our clients. We know that we cannot succeed in our goal to be the world's leading online marketing company unless our clients are successful and profitable. This understanding of the need for our clients to be successful for us to so be sets us apart from the vast majority of online marketing companies.

Competitive Pricing for a Top Digital Marketing Agency:

By utilising an onshore/offshore hybrid approach, we can offer our clients world leading digital marketing expertise at unrivalled pricing. We know that many time-consuming and technical elements of online marketing are best suited to being done in low cost economies but other aspects (eg content creation) require local expertise and cultural understanding. We feel that our blended onshore/offshore model is the optimum approach to maximising our clients' return on their digital marketing spend. This approach makes it feasible for small companies to engage an online marketing agency that has world leading expertise.

What Our Clients Say

Paul Murphy MD
Dublin, Ireland

Martin Commins MD
Dublin, Ireland

Cathal Greaney Owner
Galway, Ireland

Jon Munro Proprietor,
Dublin, Ireland

Robert Rogerson MD,
Dublin, Ireland

Joanne O Connor Head of Marketing,
Dublin, Ireland

Michael Harty MD,
Dublin, Ireland

Kimberly Ekblad MD
Perth, Australia

Clayton Beatty
Perth, Australia

Todd Smith Director,
Perth, Australia

John Elliott CEO
Perth, Australia

Dr Rachel Sheffield Global Hand Charity Inc.Chair
Perth, Australia

Christyne Kavanagh MD
Calgary, Canada

Carl Westwood Proprietor,
London, UK

Get to Know Us

DPFOC has assembled a team of experienced, highly committed digital marketing experts. Get to know the people who make up DPFOC.

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