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22 Jul 14
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Welcome to DPFOC Online Marketing UK

Proud to be one of an elite group of marketing companies to be a Google Certified Partner

DPFOC stands for “Driving Profitability For Our Clients”. We help companies in the UK to grow their profits by implementing sophisticated, cutting edge and proven online marketing techniques that generate high volumes of leads and customers at the lowest possible cost per acquisition. In order to do this, we implement a 3 step digital marketing process that we have developed over the past 5 years based on literally thousands of hours of research and real life case studies.

  1. Your Website:
    A company’s website is the starting point for its online marketing efforts. We carry out a conversion rate optimisation report on all client websites to ensure that the traffic that we generate to it converts into leads and customers at the highest possible rates. We know that doubling conversion rates makes your existing traffic 100% more valuable so our expert conversion rate optimisers are tightly focussed on squeezing the maximum number of conversions out of your website’s traffic.
  2. Traffic
    Once your website is as good as it can be and is converting visitors into leads and customers, then we focus on driving as much targeted traffic to your website as we can within the budget that we have. We rely on online marketing tools such as search engine optimisation (organic search engine results), pay per click advertising on major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and Google’s Display Network. For more on how we utilise these different channels, please browse the rest of our website.
  3. Tracking / Active Budget Management
    Each of our clients is assigned an online marketing strategist whose sole mandate is to work with you and our digital marketing team to grow your company’s profitability. (S)he monitors the numbers behind your campaign. For example, if a particular advertising medium is generating particularly strong return on investment, (s)he will make you aware of this and recommend a budget increase to grow the profits being generated through this channel. Similarly if a particular medium is losing money, we will investigate more closely to understand why and look to fix this. For more on our tracking / active budget management, please see this page of our site.
    This combination of strong traffic flows to expertly optimised websites all of which is overseen by an experienced online marketing strategist who is tightly focussed on the numbers is an approach to online marketing that we feel is unrivalled and that is already delivering remarkable results for over two hundred UK based companies – see our testimonials page for what our existing clients say about us.

If you are interested in leveraging DPFOC’s proven system to grow your business, please contact us.

I knew that my potential clients were searching for photographers on Google but as my site wasn't ranking well, I was missing out on this business. After engaging another company, that made all the promises but didn't deliver, I was feeling a little disillusioned, however after meeting Eddie who explained exactly how it all worked, I engaged DPFOC to improve my rank. It did take a number of months but I am now on top of Google for my target phrases and we are now pursuing more phrases to add still more traffic. DPFOC kept their promises to me, and I have so many more enquiries coming in, so I am delighted to provide them with this testimonial and I would highly recommend them. A huge thank you to your team at DPFOC!Samantha Brown,
Proprietor Samantha Brown Photography,
Liverpool, UK,

Like most people in business, I had become totally disillusioned with SEO. I had tried many companies and the pattern was the same. Great sales guys called, promised me everything and I gave them the benefit of the doubt and signed up. Each time I was badly let down. When I met DPFOC's sales guy, like the rest, he was impressive but reassuringly his promises were far less optimistic than the others. Out of desperation more than anything else, I said I'd give them a shot. Thankfully, this time round, I have found a company that does what they say they do. My site now sits proudly in position 3 of for "limo hire London' a phrase that no other company could even get onto page 1, not to mind top 3. If you are looking for an honest, hard working company with real SEO expertise that do what they say they'll do, I believe that DPFOC are unrivaled and am more than happy to provide this testimonial for them.Carl Westwood,
Proprietor LA Stretch Limos,
London, UK,

When launching in India, i-to-i needed a local partner to manage our contact centre. We needed a company that we could trust to deliver the same levels of customer service for which "i-to-i" is so well known. We needed a company that shared our passion for excellence. To this end, DPFOC was a natural fit. Their professionalism, dedication and flexibility is remarkable. We consider ourselves lucky to have found such a great company to partner with in India and are delighted to provide this testimonial for them.Andrew Jack,
London, UK,

I have used many SEO companies throughout the years and had frankly given up after been promised so much but no one ever delivered. By contrast, DPFOC gave me realistic expectations and exceeded these. Their under-promise over deliver approach is a real breath of fresh air. I recommend DPFOC to all my clients and am happy to provide this testimonial for them.Rod Hind Marsh,
How 2 Franchise,
Banbury, UK,

We are experts at e-mail marketing and provide world class service levels to our clients. In terms of SEO, we recommend DPFOC who are SEO experts and who share our commitment to the very highest service levels.Matt Byrom,
MD e-mail Spring,
London, UK,

DPFOC manages our SEO as well as our Google AdWords PPC campaigns. We find DPFOC to be hard working, well informed and genuinely committed to getting results for our business. We have no hesitation in recommending DPFOC to any business looking to promote itself on Google.Angela Hart,
Head of Marketing Supreme SystemsBirmingham,
Birmingham, UK,

IPEX World is part of Informa's Exhibitions Print Group. Informa's companies operate in over 40 countries and employ over 10,000 staff around the globe. As a world leader in the sectors in which we operate, we must demand a lot of ourselves and expect the same of our suppliers. We find DPFOC to be a good fit with our business as they share our commitment to excellence and have a genuine desire to be the best in the world at what they do. I am happy to recommend DPFOC to any company that is serious about leveraging search marketing to grow their business.Nick Craig Waller,
Marketing Director IPEX World,
London, UK,

We get many calls each day promoting various SEO services. We decided to meet with DPFOC following a number of chats to them and after having been provided with a large amount of testimonials they have received from other reputable companies. They stood out from the other companies that call us that don't have as many testimonials as DPFOC. Also, we were impressed by their results page which gave us confidence that they were a reputable agency. We have been working with DPFOC now for over a year and have moved from just one of our sites being managed by them to all 3 of our sites. We have found DPFOC to be responsive, hard working and above all deliver results. We are happy to provide a testimonial for them and recommend them.Sara Vestin Rahmani,
Proprietor Peekaboo Childcare,
London, UK,

I chose DPFOC to manage our SEO and Google Adwords marketing. We were extremely wary given bad experiences in the past but are delighted to report that DPFOC exceeded our expectations by taking us from page 5 to position 4 of page 1 in under 2 months for our most important phrase "cleaning services London". We are now adding more phrases and look forward to steadily growing our traffic over the coming months. We are delighted to provide a testimonial for a company that keeps its promises.Rumen Rashcov,
Director Daisy Clean,
London, UK,

I engaged DPFOC to optimise my website: . We are on page 1 for our 4 target key-phrases on "bathroom pod" "bathroom pods" "shower pod" and "shower pods". I am very happy with this result and so happy to provide a testimonial for DPFOC.Eleanor Hornibrook,
MD Stelco Bathroom Pods,
London, UK,

After 6 months with DPFOC, we were in top 3 for pretty much all of our target phrases and now going after more phrases - hard to argue with that as they did what they said they would. Very Happy.James w Rooney,
Marketing Manager James W Roofing,
Manchester, UK,

I called DPFOC after being referred by a friend who was using them for his photography business to great effect so thought Iā€™d see if they could help me. I have found DPFOC to be honest, hard-working, conscientious, professional and polite in my dealings with them and am happy to provide this testimonial for them.Mark Johnson,
Proprietor WallSpace,
Gloucestershire, UK,

I used DPFOC to design and develop a website to promote our Bar Sport Franchise. I was very happy with the design, DPFOC's professionalism and the price I paid. I look forward to working with DPFOC to promote the site via Adwords and SEO. I'm happy to recommend DPFOC.Scott Murray,
Cannock, UK,

I have had many phone calls over the years we have been in business about getting to the first page of Google for our keywords. I know a bit about SEO so I am always very suspicious of companies who claim they can do this. We agreed to meet Eddie and were impressed by his candour and honesty, and agreed to try their servive. We signed up and within a few weeks were on the first page, far quicker than I thought possible. I found that DPFOC did exactly what they said they would and were very impressed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them as they are exceptional value for money, transparent about their activities and exceeded our expectations very quickly.Simon,
Blue Skies Photography,
Bristol, UK,

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