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Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This type of marketing is also referred to as performance marketing and it is attractive to advertisers as they only have to pay commissions on actual sales generated. This differs from other types of Internet advertising whereby the advertiser is charged on an impression or click basis whether or not they make actual conversions. The certainty underlying in affiliate marketing gives the advertiser certainty in terms of cost per acquisition.

With Affiliate Marketing you only pay a commission on sales generated.

Those involved in affiliate marketing:

The advertiser:

The company who wants to grow its sales or procure more leads.

The affiliate (the publisher):

The publisher is entitled to be paid a commission every time it is pinpointed as responsible for generating a sale for an advertiser. For example, a make-up blogger with high volumes of traffic from people interested in beauty and make-up may sign up to become an affiliate for an online make-up and beauty retailer. The blogger (the affiliate) will display the ads on their website and if one of the people who browse onto their site buys from the beauty retailer after clicking on an advert, the publishing affiliate is owed a sale percentage.

The Affiliate Network:

An affiliate network acts as a middle-man which matches would-be affiliates with advertisers who wish to increase their sales. Some companies prefer to run their own affiliate program but most do rely on an affiliate network for the service.

Encourage additional visitors to your website and only pay if conversions are made.
What We Do:
1. Account Creation:

We will create your afiiliate account in conjunction with you including setting out the terms and conditions that you wish to have.

2. Design banner ads to display on affiliates' sites:

Our talented designers will create stand out banners that can be used by affiliates to display your products on their website.

3. Assess affiliate applications:

We will only accept those websites that meet your specific affiliate acceptance criteria and let you know of any updates.

4. De-duplication:

Your DPFOC Account Manager will ensure that affiliates are only paid for what they sell and that no affiliate is paid more commission than what they are due under the assigned terms and conditions that you agreed.

5. Account management:

The Account Manager assigned to your campaign will carefully monitor it in order to maximize its profitability.

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