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Conversion Rate Optimization

Why Conversion Rate Optimization is Important

A topic which is often bypassed, conversion rate optimization is actually one of the most crucial parts of any online marketing strategy. An increase of 1% on the conversion rates of a website which usually receives 1000 visitors a month equates to 10 new clients a month. As traffic grows, each percentage point is more and more valuable to your business. It is absolutely paramount that your website converts as many visitors as it can into leads and sales. Refer to the table below to see the dramatic impact increasing conversion rates from 1% to 5% has on profitability.

What We Do:

Create a Conversion Rate Optimization Report:

This is basically an overview of your website and covers usability, credibility the site engenders, commentary on design and it also analyzes the calls to action. We then make any necessary recommendations from this report and generally once those recommendations are implemented, conversion rates typically increase dramatically.

Conversion Rate Optimization - Deeper Level:

After the initial recommendations are implemented, we can take a closer and more in depth look at the wesbite and its data to ensure the website has a greater chance of converting. We will carefully analyze the website traffic flow to see if there are any weak areas that need improvement. If we identify a weak page, we will carefully investigate the traffic flowing to this page and form a theory as to why the bounce rate is so high. We will then create a "contender" page to test our theory. When the contender page is ready, we will direct 50% of the website traffic to this page to see if conversion rates are higher. If you refer to the screenshot below, you will see that the contender page needed 108 sessions to achieve 6 conversions in comparison to the original page which needed 154 visits. Implementing a small change to the landing page made a conversion rate increase of 1.6%. We use Mouseflow.com to get really deep insights into our clients' website visitors.

Above high bounce rates are noticeable on the homepage. This should be further investigated.
Conversion rate growth can be achieved by just a minor change to a landing page.
Continually Refine and Repeat:

Conversion rates can be continually improved upon by continually testing different versions of landing and inner pages. Each percentage point increase achieved drives down your cost per acquisition even further.

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