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Dynamic Product Re-Marketing
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Product Remarketing - We Can Help!

Dynamic remarketing can be a really effective online marketing tool if implemented well and monitored carefully.

Achieving success in online retail requires investment of time, effort and of course money. Getting people to your site is the goal but ensuring they actually make a conversion is more difficult. Dynamic product remarketing allows you to 'follow up' on those people who browsed onto your website, viewed a specific product(s) but for whatever reason didn't convert. By adding some code, you can make ads (of the actual products a person viewed) appear on specific sites as that person browses around the Internet. As part of the remarketing campaign, you can define the time period this lasts for to however long that you wish.

As part of our campaign management, we can incorporate dynamic product remarketing to your site's visitors across Google's Display Network, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter - in essence there will be no place to hide!

Dynamic Product Re-Marketing Example on Facebook
The image above shows an example of a user being remarketed to on Facebook by a product they previously viewed on Amazon (indicated in red).

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