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Dynamic Product Remarketing

What is Dynamic Product Remarketing?

"One touch" conversions where a user purchases on your website on an initial visit are becoming increasingly rare online. Like offline, customers will regularly browse products almost leisurely without a major intention to buy. Such non-converting browsers are expensive as getting them to your website costs money and without a conversion, they deliver a 100% negative ROI and reduce your conversion rates. Every effort must be made to convert these visitors while on the website but when this is not possible, an ongoing and focussed effort must be made on a post-visit basis ie once the user has left the site.

Dynamic Product Remarketing or Product Retargeting works whereby a cookie is placed on the user's system. This identifies the products that they viewed while on your site. The cookie can be set to remain on the user's system for up to 540 days. During the set time that the cookie is active on the user's system, highly targeted, customised ads can be displayed to them as they browse sites on Google's Display Network and also on Facebook. The user is only shown those products that they viewed while on your website. In this way, users that were only browsing can be retargeted to on an ongoing basis as they browse the Internet thereby turning recreational browsers into real customers.

The watches shown in this ad are those watches that the user viewed while on the watch website. ie the ad is customised to the user.

Dynamic Product Remarketing on Facebook - the user sees the Canon lens because he viewed this on Amazon at a previous point.

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