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Dynamic Product Re-Pricing
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Dynamic Product Re-Pricer Software

Repricer Software Can Re-Price Your Inventory Dynamically to Maximize Your Profits

The pricing of online products probably matters even more than offline pricing as informed online shoppers understand how to source the best deals. Retailers who hold exclusive distributorships or manufacturers who sell direct are insulated to a degree from having to get into price wars. Retailers who sell products which are similar to other online retailers' offering need to focus on being price competitive. With high numbers of inventory SKUs and a multitude of competitors, manual pricing becomes almost impossible. While we don't want to encourage price wars as they will damage margins, at times retailers have little choice. On these occasions, repricing software is a very useful tool. Prices can be repriced dynamically in real time which helps you either match or beat your competitors who sell the same products. Price floors will also obviously be set to ensure that no sale goes lower than the agreed minimum margins. Our campaign managers have experience in using repricing software effectively for many different types of campaigns to maximize volume and also profit.

Amazon retailer using Repricing Software Canada
Above:You can see that the software is moving prices up and down in real time in order to ensure maximum sales for maximum margin
Repricer Software Canada to maximum sales for maximum margin
Maximum sales for maximum margin is the goal in the above where prices are being reduced and increased in real time.
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