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Email Marketing

Effective Email Marketing Solutions from DPFOC Canada

If approached and enforced in a professional and structured manner, re-sell, up-sell and cross-sell your company's products and services. The issue arises when companies use lists they buy from third party vendors as usually the people on these lists have already been heavily spammed. Getting the assistance of a reputable marketing company who has a proven track record of successful email marketing campaigns is advisable in order to get the most from the activity.

Email Marketing Services - Why You Need Them:

Increase Sales:

Update your mailing list with special offers and news of new product launches. ROI for email marketing campaigns can be high because costs are low and conversions can be high.

Reduce Client Losses:

If you send out well informed and regular updates via newsletter, your existing clients will gain reassurance that management is professional within the company and it may encourage them to stay with you long term.

Email Marketing
Some mailshots can generate open rates of over 40%
If you manage the campaign well, it can out perform in terms of industry averages.

Email Marketing - Best Practice:

Drive revenue at very low cost using effective email marketing.
  • Segmenting your list ensures that you only send relevant emails to relevant people.
  • Include an unsubscribe link at the end of each campaign email. This ensures regulatory compliance.
  • Take notes on what worked for some campaigns and what didn't for others. That way your future campaigns will benefit.

Maximize your email marketing campaign efforts by working with our email marketing consultants who have wide experience of working on many different successful mailing campaigns. Get in touch today to discuss this with our sales department!

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