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Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

Ads only appear to the target market you specify:

Facebook has a huge amount of information on its users due to how much they populate their profile with and also with indicators like what and how they engage with different posts. As a result of the volume of information that they have, Facebook demographic targeting is very accurate. This means your ads will only appear to those who make up your target market eg men in Toronto with an interest in cars aged between 35 and 50.

Only pay per click:

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Lower cost per click:

Costs per click at the moment are lower than on Google paid search. This is due to the fact that less companies use Facebook advertising in comparison to those that use Google advertising. It is however important to note that people on Google are generally further along the buying cycle and usually convert at higher rates.

Suggested post in blue shows in a Facebook user's news feed while in red a regular ad appears.

Why Use Direct Response Advertising on Facebook?

Advertising on Facebook should be a part of the online marketing strategy of any B2C company. Targeting is so precise meaning that ads can be directed at exactly those who are your target market. Ads can appear not only on the right hand side of the user's Facebook page but also directly into the news-feed. A user's Facebook news-feed is probably one of the most visible ad inventory tools available anywhere on the Internet.

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