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Google Display Network PPC Advertising

What is Google Display Network PPC Advertising?

In order to sell advertising on their website and thereby build revenue, websites can sign up for an account on Google AdSense. This in effect grants Google permission to display ads in any space the publisher site indicates on their website. For advertisers who wish to have their ads appear on such sites, they need to register for a Google AdWords account and opt into what is known as the Display Network. The advertiser only pays when a user clicks on their ad. The advertiser pays on a cost per click basis and the publisher site and Google split this revenue between them.

Where will my ads appear on Google's Display Advertising Network?

Most websites on the Internet that sell advertising utilize Google's AdSense. Refer to the list opposite which isjust a sample of the sites available.

Advertisers can indicate to Google the websites and apps on which they want their ads on.
Above is just a selection of high profile dot com domains that use Google AdSense to sell advertising.

In terms of tageting there are a number of options available to advertisers for the types of sites and apps on which ads will be displayed. Advertisers can choose to be selective in their approach - see example opposite. Here the advertiser can specify the particular sites on which they want their ads to be displayed or they can incorporate use of Google's other targeting options eg on web-pages containing the words "Internet marketing" Here you are targeting specific keywords.

Example of DPFOC ads displaying on nytimes.com

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