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Reduce Your AdWords Spend While Growing Revenue / Lead Flow

Unleash the Power of Experienced, Expert AdWords Consultants Utilizing Our Proprietary Bid Management Solution

"It's great from my point of view to have an agency that understands AdWords so well and is still willing to listen and learn consistently."
Our Agency Strategist

What We Do
  • Account Set-Up Including Tracking of Sales and/or Leads (telephone / inquiry form / online chat tracking)
  • Our Proprietary Bid Management Software Will:
    1. Automatically Adjust Your Bids to Profitable Levels Twice Per Day
    2. Highlight Loss-Making Keywords (Products in Google Shopping) for Review
    3. Increase Bids on Profitable Keywords / Products to Drive More Revenue / Leads
    4. Automatically Adjust Your Bids Based on Time of the Day / Day of Week when your Conversion Rates / Average Sales are Highest
    5. Automatically Adjust Bids for Mobile Devices
  • Dedicated Account Manager Working to Increase Conversion Rates through AB Testing
  • Everything Listed Above for Bing/Yahoo Also to Expand Your Reach
  • Product Level Bidding for Google / Bing Shopping
Why Us
  • We Provide a Dedicated Account Manager Charged with Hitting Your Advertising Goals
  • We Work to Increase Your Website's Conversion Rates - We Don't Just Manage Bids.
  • We Are Google AdWords Partner (we speak to agency staff at Google to review accounts daily)
  • Over 10 Years Experience in Profitably Managing AdWords Accounts
  • We Have Built a Proprietary Bid Management Solution to Ensure You Are Always Bidding the Right Amount for Each Keyword / Product (Google Shopping)
Our Approach to Maximizing Profits through AdWords Advertising
Tracking - Data Driven Approach:

We perform a number of checks on your website to ensure that we have "clean data" ie data that we can trust. This involves setting up e-commerce tracking (including telephone orders) for e-commerce websites. For lead gen' sites, we set up tracking to include telephone inquiries, inquiry forms, email and online chat.

Bid Management:

Bidding the right amount on the right keyword (product for Google Shopping) on the right device at the right time of day and day of the week is challenging (impossible for a human). A user on a mobile device at 3 in the morning on a Tuesday will likely have a very different conversion rate and average sale value to a user at 10am on a Saturday morning on a tablet. Our proprietary bid management solution applies the appropriate bid to hit your advertising goals (return on ad spend or cost per lead) at all times of the day, day of the week and device. By always bidding the "right" amount, CPL / ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) becomes predictable and so scalable.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

We understand that even the best bid management software is of little use without an expert human to steer it. We take ownership of conversion rates and average sale values on our clients' websites as one of the most effective ways to drive a return on your AdWords spend is to increase conversion rates and/or average sale. Our team of experts will propose tweaks to your website that can make substantial differences. Our scientific approach tests every tweak (AB testing) meaning only tweaks that can be proven to deliver incremental conversions are implemented on your website.

A Holistic Approach:

We understand that AdWords traffic doesn't exist in a vacuum but rather is likely to be a part of an overall traffic generation plan. We track not just "last click" conversions but also conversions in which AdWords played a role (contributory channel) even if it wasn't the closing channel.

Our System In Action

Below is a DPFOC client account in which a $760 spend in a 15 day period generated $18049 (ROAS of 23.75). This represented a 51% increase in ROAS versus the same period in the previous year during which our system was not being executed.

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