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How to Sell on Google Shopping - Ask the Experts!

Directing your inventory data to Google allows your products to appear on Google Shopping as well as Google Shopping Ads. Google Shopping Ads show in search results but they vary from regular text ads because the product price as well as an image is displayed in the ad. Higher conversion rates are possible when selling on Google shopping in comparison to text ads as the user can see the product and the price before deciding to click on the ad.

Google Shopping Presents Great Opportunities

Google Shopping allows online retailers to really showcase products online to prospective customers. Knowing how to make the most of this opportunity is what is most challenging. That is where we come in! Selling on Google Shopping and even just getting set up can be time consuming and daunting but our online retail consultants are experienced enough to be able to guide you through the process effortlessly. They have worked with many different campaigns on Google Shopping and this experience will ensure that they will utilize well the exposure that selling on Google Shopping gives.

Google Shopping Ads shown in search results for Canada.
Above: On the right Google Shopping Ads in the SERP.
Search results for Mens Watch in Google Shopping, Canada.
Above: Google Shopping results for "Mens Watches"

Selling on Google Shopping can open new avenues of profit. Learn more by getting in touch with our sales consultant today to discuss your online retail campaign.

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