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Looking for Hotel Internet Marketing?

Below you will find our hotel marketing strategy approach which aims to encourage occupancy levels while simultaneously pushing down cost per acquisition. At DPFOC, we understand hotel marketing from a-z because we have taken the time to study the area, understand it and implement resultant strategies.

Website Analysis & Audit:

Our aim is maximize conversion rates and so minimize cost per booking. Directing website traffic to a poor website will not achieve this. We carry out a comprehensive website audit to ensure you convert as many direct website visitors as possible.

We Send Your Inventory Direct to the Meta Search Engines:

Meta Search Engines operate a cost per click model which differs from OTAs who charge for sending traffic to your website regardless of whether you secure a booking. On the other hand, OTAs charge hotels a percentage of the value of orders delivered. Even with this knowledge, some hotels still allow OTAs buy their traffic on meta search engines on a cost per click basis, secure the booking and then charge the hotel a percentage of the value of the booking! Sophisticated and marketing savvy hotels ensure to send their inventory straight to the meta search engines thereby removing the OTA's costly commissions from the equation.

Below shows how Booking.com and Expedia are buying the booking traffic for the Four Seasons New York on Google Hotels:
Hotel Marketing - buying traffic trhough meta search engines
Below: The New York Palace is avoiding OTA commissions by sending its inventory directly to Google Hotel Finder.
Hotel Marketing Strategy - Snapshot of avoiding OTA commissions.
Direct Inventory to OTAs and GDSs:

We send your room inventory to over 150 distributors and more than 650,000 travel agents - this is part of our hotel Internet marketing strategy. Your inventory is always accurate in all locations because our Channel Manager links seamlessly to your PMS.

Improve Organic Traffic:

Your hotel can make gains by focusing on improving your SEO. OTAs don't own any hotels so they cannot compete with you on this. By optimizing your Google+ Local (Google My Business) listing, you can gain more exposure in organic search and attract more direct visitors. As part your campaign with us, we will ensure this Google+ listing is 100% optimized in order to get the most from it.

Hotel marketing Canada using Highly Effective SEO Approach
Implement Remarketing:

Getting traffic to a website costs money so it's important to try to convert as many visitors as possible. As a result, we will implement remarketing (also known as retargeting) across the Internet to attempt to convert as many site visitors into reservations as possible.

Using Your Marketing Budget Wisely:

We monitor channels and keywords in order to ensure success. Any channels that are not performing will be carefully scrutinized and reduced or stopped if appropriate. In turn, any channels performing well will have their budget increased with your approval.

Why not get in touch with one of our hotel marketing experts to chat about the most suitable marketing strategy for your hotel. We can help drive your hotel's profitability!

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