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LinkedIn is predominantly used and designed for professionals to use as an online social networking space. That makes it the ideal option for advertising to that audience. In populating their profiles, LinkedIn users provide quality data to the social network which is highly valuable for advertisers as users can be easily targeted in line with their relevant niche or industry eg "people at management level in Company X" may be useful if trying to target a particular company.

Paid ads at the top and right hand side of a LinkedIn user's interface.

Advertisers can also choose a LinkedIn promoted post to ensure it appears in their target demographic's news-feed. See below in red:

Promoted posts gain real estate in LinkedIn users' newsfeeds.

LinkedIn Advertising Benefits:

Ads are highly targeted:

Users include their occupation, skills, experience and current position within their company to their LinkedIn profile. As a result, the business professional demographic can therefore be easily targeted. So for example, displaying your ad to CEOs of companies in Toronto with more than 20 employees is possible.

Ads are only pay per click:

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. However, a minimum $2 per click policy applies meaning that it's not suited to companies with low average sale values.

In the above screenshot, the advertiser is targeting senior staff in the construction industry. This type of targeting is only possible on LinkedIn.

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