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Tracking / Active
Budget Management
  • Know Your Exact Channel & Keyword Cost Per Acquisition
  • Make Informed Decisions Using Verified Data
  • Increase Spend on Channels & Keywords That Perform

Active Budget Management & Tracking What It Means

Active budget management (ABM) and tracking is about verifying the source of every lead and sale generated by your business' marketing efforts on the various channels (Google search, Bing/Yahoo search, Facebook, LinkedIn etc). When you have the data to understand what channels and keywords are giving you strong return on investment, then you can make a confident decision to increase your budget on the areas that you know are and will give you a positive return and of course then also you can reduce spend on those areas that you see as losing money or not generating sufficient profit.

Strong ROI gets its budget increased and poorly performing channels are carefully monitored by our strategists.
What We Do
1. Set Tracking Up

Telephone, query form and, for sites that sell online, ecommerce tracking will be set up by our strategists. When this is in place, every time your site gets a query form submission, your phone rings or a conversion is completed on your site, we will be able to tell how they found your business. Furthermore, we will know the 'journey' they came on before converting and not just the last place they clicked before converting eg conversion made via Google PPC followed by a click on a remarketing banner.

Have visibility on cost per lead and conversion rates for every keyword bid.
2. Monitor Allocation of Your Online Marketing Budget:

We continually monitor your campaign to ensure that spend is allocated to those channels that are actually bringing revenue and driving profitability. On the flip side, we will also alert you if there are channels underperforming so that you can make the decision to reduce allocated spend there.

3. Carry Out Conversion Rate Optimization Tests:

Our strategists will isolate those keywords and channels that aren't performing and also work with you to ensure your website is making the most possible conversions. They will also carry out testing to investigate why it may be holding back conversions if that are an issue.

We source where your site is causing drop offs and work to increase conversion rates making the most of your existing traffic.
How Do We Report:

The main focus of our tracking and active budget management service is financial. It is quite transparent in that it shows how much profit we are generating for your business. Our ABM reports give you full visibility into how online marketing budget is being used so that you can clearly see what is working and exactly what is not performing.

The reporting will give you valuable data such as the above.
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