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Remarketing Explained

When you arrange for the placing of your branded ads in front of people who have already been on your website, this is known as Remarketing (or Retargeting). Basically it means trying to convert those people who decided to visit your website but chose to not convert for whatever reason at that stage. By using this method, it is possible to win back some of these leads and convert them as you remind them of your offering as they browse the Internet. Remarketing is attractive for marketers as it presents a low cost per acquisition and we have found it to be an effective method of winning leads and sales through our various campaign experiences.

There are four main places to remarket your business:

+On the Google Display Network:

In order to sell advertising on their website, websites can sign up for an account on Google AdSense. They grant Google permission to display ads in space they create on their website. For advertisers who wish to have their ads appear on such sites, they need to register for a Google AdWords account and opt into what is known as the Display Network. Once all this is complete, we can arrange that your ads will be displayed on some of Canada's top websites to people who have previously been on your website. See below for some examples.

Example of a DPFOC animated re-marketing banner
DPFOC Remarketing Banner Appearing on Forbes.com
+Facebook Remarketing:

Facebook is ubiquitous these days and it therefore represents a great marketing opportunity with the option to remarket into a user's newsfeed. More below:

DPFOC's ad appearing on right hand side of Facebook page to someone who had been on our website previously.
DPFOC's Facebook remarketing ad attempting to re-engage former site visitors as they browse Facebook.
+Youtube Remarketing:

Your company videos can appear just before the video that the user is about to watch on Youtube (in stream), on the right hand side of the Youtube page as they look at other videos (in slate) or as a promoted video right at the top of Youtube search results (in search). Example below:

Our ad on Youtube.
Our ad showing on Youtube to someone who has been on our website before.
+Remarketing on Twitter:

We can arrange to show your website's past visitors a promoted tweet right into their timeline in an attempt to re-engage them. We will also use Twitter Cards (see below example) which helps to ensure that your promoted tweet gets seen widely.

Example above of our remarketing ad for Twitter timeline.
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