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Retail Marketing Specialists @ DPFOC

We want to help you sell online. Not only that, we want to help you drive sales and in turn your profitability so that your business can scale. Our multi skilled team cover all aspects of online retail marketing and have wide ranging experience which can only help your own campaign.

What Our Retail Marketers Do for You:
Excellent Web Design:

It is really competitive to sell online. Your website simply must be world-class as otherwise potential customers will buy from one that is. We build SEO friendly e-commerce websites that are optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop that convert visitors into real customers.

Set-up & Optimize Inventory Feeds:

In having your inventory on Google Shopping, Amazon and eBay, you need optimized inventory feeds that are kept exact in real time. Our retail marketing consultants work in conjunction with you to derive inventory feeds that can be synced with all the major online channels and then optimize these to ensure your products get the maximum possible exposure.

Amazon & eBay Account Set-up & Optimization:

Large sales volume can be quickly grown on the Amazon and eBay channels. Our retail marketing experts list your inventory on these sites, keep inventory levels fully accurate and use organic and paid techniques to encourage profitable sales. On these competitive platforms, intelligent pricing is absolutely necessary to stay ahead of competitors. Our team of online retail experts have the expert knowledge and experience in setting up campaigns which maximize sales volume and profit.

Call us to discuss how our retail marketing consultants can drive your business and profitability!

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