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Selling Products on Amazon - What's Involved?

It is estimated that Amazon has over 150 million customers per week, with many people using the site as their 'go-to' place for buying anything online. Therefore as a site, it's obviously an important place for an online retailer to be. While there is no doubt about the fantastic opportunities that Amazon provides to grow sales, the competition encountered on the platform is exceptional and without a measured and planned strategy, progress and success can be challenging. DPFOC's team of experienced Amazon consultants have the diligence and expertise to help you successfully increase your sales on Amazon and in turn scale your company's growth.

How Can We Help You Achieve Success on Amazon?

1. We Set-up Your Amazon Pro Merchant Account.
2. We Set-up Your Inventory Feed & Upload Your Products to Amazon.
3. We Will Optimize Your Product Feed.

To gain more exposure on Amazon, you need to include as much information and product attributes as possible. This will help people see your products when they search for keywords related to your products. We will assist you in providing keyword rich titles, descriptions, bullet points etc. to achieve this goal.

4. Drive Sales for You by Winning the Maximum Number of Buy-boxes for Your Inventory.

Factors such as price, seller rating, fulfilment method etc are all used by Amazon to decide who occupies the buy box for a given product. Our job is to set up and manage your account to maximize the buy boxes that you win, which in turn of course will assist your sales.

Using Amazon to Sell Online
5. Focus on Improving your Seller Rating.

One of the attributes that Amazon uses to assign buy boxes is seller rating therefore it is an important point to focus on. To increase your seller rating on Amazon, you need to provide customers with a good buying experience as the hope is that they will then give you good reviews. Improving your customer service by replying to their queries, being prompt with deliveries etc will all help to make this happen. We will assist you to achieve the necessary top class customer service level that you need to achieve in order to positively affect your seller rating.

It is important to focus on improvement of your seller rating. This can be done by focusing on factors like top class customer service.
6. Use & Monitor Amazon Pay-Per-Click Adverts to Help Increase Traffic to your Products.

Sponsored products give your products more exposure and so can grow sales. These adverts are cost per click so require close monitoring to ensure that they are profitable.

Promoted Products can be seen at the end of the organic listings on Amazon
Data above shows Promoted Product Campaigns analytics returning positive ROI
7. Set-up & Manage Automated Re-pricing:

If competitors are selling the same product as you are for a lower price, then your chances of selling this product are virtually nil on Amazon. We will set up auto-repricing to ensure that your prices always beat the competitors but ensuring never to go below pre-agreed pricing floors. The repricer will also reprice your products upward for example if a competitor stops selling a product or if they are out of stock. This has the effect of expanding margins as you are taking advantage in real time of price increase opportunities.

Re-pricing software ensures that products are always the lowest price on Amazon but don't go lower than the "Lowest Price" value indicator.
As above, re-pricing software dynamically increasing and lowering prices in real time to ensure the maximum number of buy boxes are won on Amazon. Prices are always as low as they have to be to win the buy box but no lower. Prices are raised when appropriate eg a competitor going out of business or no longer carrying a product.
8. Assist with Fulfilment including "Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)."

"Fulfilment by Amazon" (FBA) means storing your products in Amazon's own specific fulfilment centres. Amazon pick, pack, dispatch, and provide customer service for your products. FBA saves time and mine and in fact can help to scale your business and reach more customers. It can assist in increasing your chances of attaining more buy boxes. Our team will help you to set up and manage FBA for your company.

Drive more sales for your business by selling on Amazon. Call us today to learn more from our Amazon specialist about the opportunities on the platform.

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