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Need to Know More About Google+?

Google+ is the social network that Google set up to compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter etc. It is similar to Facebook in that you can have an individual profile and you can also hold a page for your business. In terms of popularity and usage, Google+ doesn't have the levels that Facebook has but it still has huge importance in terms of local SEO and the business pages it facilitates. People can choose to follow your company's updates via your geo-neutral corporate page or your G+ local page. It is also important to note that at present, Google does not offer advertising on Google+ while this is a substantial part of Facebook's revenue.

Why did Google create Google+?

Google has always emphasized their wish to gain the "collective intelligence of the web" and this has been their main motivation with the development of Google+. In the past, Google relied and continues to rely in the majority, on indicators such as links from one website to another in order to determine what the best content was/is on the Internet. However, they and many others have realised that in an ever increasing world of social media, links are proving to be less relevant quality indicators than before. Google want people click the +1 button (equivalent to the Facebook 'like' button) to signify the web-pages that they like. If people did this in large volumes like they do using Facebook's 'like' button, Google believes that it would assist them to build a better search engine. Interestingly, there is the prospect of social search whereby search results for users signed into their Google+ profile are customised based on what they have previously +1'd and in turn, what those in their circles (the people they 'follow' on G+) have +1'd.

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Does your business need to know about Google+?

If masses of people moved to using Google+, then of course it is important to have a presence there. If your website is +1'd and/or shared by a large volume of people this of course could only benefit your site and it would be more likely to rank higher in the SERP (search engine results page). This is because Google customises search results for users based on what their friends have +1'd or shared. However, it is important to point out that uptake to Google+ as a social network has so far been weak. For now though, there are still a number of benefits to businesses that promote a presence on Google+.

Improve Organic Ranks:

You can extend the reach of your blogs by posting them on Google+ which in turn creates backlinks to your website. Google can tell you are doing this and so it may assist in improving your website's rank.

Google Authorship:

"Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance."

Eric Schmidt, Former Google CEO and current chairman was quoted with the above with approaching the topic of anonymous content (content not attributed to any particular person).

Basically, this means that in order to continue to be relevant, websites should assign authors to their content. This can be done through a Google+ individual profile. We can assist with set up of this.

Google+ Local & Google My Business:

Google+ Local replaced Google Places and is a really important element of any local SEO campaign. A business should migrate and verify their old Google Places listing to Google+ Local. This will allow them to post updates on the page including blog posts, links to internal pages on your website, links to interesting third party content and also offer users the option of following the page for other company updates. We can assist you with this migration and setting up of the page as part of your campaign with us.


While uptake of Google+ as a social network has not happened as of yet, with a powerhouse like Google behind it, this cannot be dismissed. While their social network competitor Facebook continues to focus more and more efforts on their advertising offering, one pitch has opened up for Google+ as the "no advertising social network." Whether Google+ ever fully takes off or not, there are specific SEO benefits from just creating a presence on there and so we recommend using Google+ to all of our clients.

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