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Social Media Overview
  • Grow Your Community on Social Media
  • Create Leads & Sales from Social
  • Monitor the Online Reputation of Your Company
  • Use Social as an Effective Customer Service Tool

Social Media Marketing

Social media today presents businesses with fantastic opportunities to acquire new customers and communicate with their existing ones. It is important to note though that an effective social media strategy needs to be well planned as well as requiring regular attention. Our Account Managers work with clients to create and maintain their profiles on some or all of the main social networking sites depending on the suitability of each to the business in question. Businesses who display a strong social presence enjoy benefits as follows:

Get More Sales:

Over time, a following built up on social profiles can be used to promote new products and services. It is vital that a social presence by a business doesn't become a way of bombarding people with sales promotional literature. However if implemented well, social media can generate new business as well as giving a platform on which to up-sell and also cross-sell to existing customers.

Manage Online Reputation:

A well managed social presence definitely reflects well on a company. People who follow your profiles feel more confident that the business is well-run and is keeping up to speed on industry developments. This in turn assists client retention as clients/customers are further convinced that they are with the correct supplier. If negative publicity about the company appears on social media, the thinking should be that if it is managed well, it can be turned into a positive by dealing with the issue pro-actively. The worst response to bad publicity on social media would be silence!

Above: Engagement is important in social media markering

Effective Customer Service:

People are turning more and more to social media when they have a specific query or complaint for a company. A well monitored and managed social presence can help to ensure that customers get their queries or concerns answered as quickly as possible. This helps to keep customers happy!

Above: Example of a banking institution dealing with a customer query on Twitter.
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