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Twitter PPC

Over the last year or so, Twitter has fully rolled out its advertising services and solutions offering for all. This service is now available to organizations of all sizes and represents a great opportunity to reach new targets. There are two solutions offered to advertisers:

Promoted Tweets:

While promoted tweets may be seen as more suitable for direct response advertising, this option enables advertisers to have one of their tweets be displayed in the timeline of users within a specific targeted demographic (as outlined below in blue). An individual's Twitter timeline is a very high profile piece of advertising inventory and so this advertising option provides a great opportunity to reach a target market which in turn can help to increase sales and leads.

Promoted Accounts:

This Twitter advertising option promotes your account to Twitter users that you define as your target demographic. It will show up in the "who to follow" section on the right hand side of the screen (see below in red) and also directly into the timeline on mobile and tablet. If you wish to build a following, this is a suitable option. It is not likely that this option will lead to immediate sales/leads but it will help to build the number of followers for the profile which in turn will assist brand awareness. You can also post content to these followers over time via regular or promoted tweets.

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