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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, also known as performance marketing, is extremely attractive to advertisers as they only pay a commission on successful sales. This differs from most other forms of online advertising whereby the advertiser is charged for impressions or clicks regardless of whether or not these convert into sales. Only paying when a sale takes place provides the advertiser certainty in terms of cost per acquisition.

List your products on highly trafficked websites and only pay a commission on sales achieved.

The parties involved in affiliate marketing:

The advertiser:

The advertiser is the company looking to increase its sales or generate more leads.

The affiliate (sometimes referred to as the publisher):

The affiliate is looking to be paid a commission each time it is responsible for generating a sale for an advertiser. For example, a sports blogger with a lot of traffic from people interested in sport may become an affiliate for an online sports store. The blogger (affiliate) will show adverts on its website and if one of its users buys from the sports store after clicking on an advert, the affiliate is paid a percentage of the sale.

The Network:

While some companies will look to run their own affiliate program, most will rely on the services of an affiliate network. The network acts as a value adding middle-man matching would-be affiliates with advertisers looking to grow sales.

Drive thousands of additional visitors to your website and only pay if they convert into sales.

Our Role

Account Creation on most appropriate affiliate network:

We will create your account including drafting your terms and conditions in cooperation with you.

Create the banner adverts for use on affiliates' websites:

Our designers will create compelling banners which we will provide to your affiliates for use on their site.

Approve / Reject Affiliates in line with your policies:

We will review every affiliate that applies to promote your products and accept only those that meet your affiliate acceptance criteria.


We review every transaction for which an affiliate is claiming credit (a commission) to ensure that no other channel / affiliate has already been paid for this sale ie we ensure that you only pay once per sale.

Overall Management of your account:

It is our responsibility to manage your account as effectively as possible to maximise its profitability.

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