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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation is perhaps the most overlooked, yet crucially important parts of an online marketing strategy. Every 1% increase in conversion rates on a website receiving 1000 visitors per month translates into 10 new clients per month. As traffic scales up, each percentage point is worth more to your company. It is crucial to your online marketing success that your website converts as many visitors as possible into leads and sales. See in the table below the dramatic impact on profitability made by increasing conversion rates from 1% to 5%

  Non Optimised Website Optimised Website
Clicks 100 100
Cost Per Click €0.50 €0.50
Total Spend €50.00 €50.00
Conversion Rate 1.00% 5.00%
Clients Won 1 5
Cost Per Acquisition €50.00 €10.00
Average Profit Per Client €30.00 €30.00
Total Profit Generated €30.00 €150.00
ROI -40.00% 200.00%

What We Do:

Initial Conversion Rate Optimisation Report:

Our initial conversion rate optimisation report takes a high level view of your website and makes recommendations that will improve conversion rates. This report covers the design and usability of the site, the levels of trust and credibility it engenders as well as an analysis of the calls to action. Once the recommendations in this report are implemented, conversion rates will typically increase quite dramatically.

Deeper Level Conversion Rate Optimisation:

Once the initial recommendations have been implemented, we can dig deeper into your website's data in order to really sweat every last conversion. We analyse how the traffic flows through your website identifying areas of weakness. Once we have identified a weak page, we will analyse the traffic that is flowing to this page and form a hypothesis as to why the drop-off rate is so high. We will design a "contender" page to test our hypothesis. Once our contender page is in place, we will send 50% of the site's visitors to this page to see if it converts at a higher rate. See in the screenshot below, the contender page required 108 sessions to generate 6 conversions whereas the original page required 154 visits. Making a minor change to the landing page resulted in an increase in conversion rates of 1.6%. We rely on Mouseflow.com to gain even deeper insights into our clients' website visitors.

In the above screenshot, organic traffic landing on the homepage is dropping off at high rates and so requires further investigation.
Even a minor change to a landing page can yield conversion rate growth.

Continually Refine and Repeat:

By continually testing various versions of landing and inner pages, conversion rates can be continually improved upon with each percentage point achieved driving down your cost per acquisition still further.

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