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"Cold" Display Advertising

Digital Advertising Options for Online Retail

Our experts can advise you on the benefits of Internet Display Advertising

By "cold" display advertising, we mean showing your banner adverts to users who we feel will be interested in your products. Promoted Tweets on Twitter, Banner ad's on Google's Display Network, Promoted Posts on Facebook, Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn, Video ads on Youtube are all digital display advertising options with different channels more suited to different e-tailers. Using display advertising online to get your adverts in front of the correct target market can substantially build awareness and drive product sales and profits.

Our Retail Consultants have wide ranging experience of display advertising, having implemented it successfully for many other clients. The expert assigned to your campaign will advise you of the best options in terms of display advertising that will likely encourage the best ROI. They will also closely manage any digital display advertising campaign in order to halt any that are loss making and emphasise those campaigns that are working.

Display Advertising on Facebook - Example
In the above screenshot of a user on Facebook, he is seeing a promoted post as highlighted in blue. He is seeing this as the company has targeted users with an interest in business. In red, Amazon is remarketing a product that he previously viewed on Amazon.

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