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Dynamic Product Re-Pricing

Dynamic Product Re-Pricing and Software

Use Repricer Software to Re-Price Your Inventory In Real Time to Maximise Profits

Pricing matters offline but even more so online as increasingly savvy online shoppers seek out the best deals. Retailers with exclusive distributorships and manufacturers selling direct to the end user are somewhat insulated from the need to go to war on price. Retailers selling products that other online retailers are selling need to ensure that they are competitive on price. With large numbers of SKUs in your inventory and tens, even hundreds of competitors, pricing manually becomes virtually impossible. While we don't encourage price wars insofar as possible in order to protect margins, in some instances, retailers are left with no choice. In these instances, dynamic repricing software is an essential tool. Your prices can be dynamically repriced in real time to ensure that you always either match or beat the competitors selling the same products. Obviously, we need to insert price floors to ensure that no sale falls below agreed minimum margins in the repricer software model. Our experience is in setting up and managing repricing software to maximise volume but also profit.

Amazon retailer using Repricing Software
In the above image, the Amazon retailer is using software to continually fight for the buy box on Amazon.
Repricer Software to maximum sales for maximum margin
In the above image, you can see that the software is moving prices up and down in real time in order to ensure maximum sales for maximum margin.
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