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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing certainly gets bad press and is often associated with low quality companies who spam mailing lists that have been bought from third party vendors. When done like this, email marketing is certainly damaging and unlikely to win any new clients for your business. However, when done well, email marketing can be an extremely effective tool to resell and cross sell your products and services.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

Drive Sales:

Keep your mailing list up to date with special offers and new product launches. ROI on mail-shots tend to be extremely high due to low costs and high conversion rates.

Reduce Churn:

By keeping your client base up to date with developments in your company, you will reduce churn as the client is happy that your company is well run and constantly improving its offering.

Well managed mailshots can achieve open rates of in excess of 40%
Well managed campaigns can substantially outperform industry averages.

Some quick do's and dont's are as follows:

Don't always be selling: send interesting and relevant updates not just sales material eg if you open a new office or recruit a new staff member.

Don't buy lists from third party vendors. Such lists have been sold extensively meaning that those on them are being heavily spam'd.

Do tag links included in your emails so that these can be tracked in Google Analytics.

Email can be a substantial driver of revenue at very low cost.

Do try to segment your list to ensure that you only send relevant emails to the right people.

Do ensure that each mail has an unsubscribe link at the end to ensure regulatory compliance.

Do take the time to learn from campaigns to refine and improve your approach to future mailshots.

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