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Google Display Network PPC Advertising

Google Display Network PPC Advertising

Many publisher websites rely on Google's AdSense product to sell advertising. This works whereby a website that has a high amount of traffic and so wants to sell advertising creates space on its website in which adverts can be shown. It gives permission to Google to show adverts in these spaces. Advertisers can then have their adverts appear on these publisher sites by using Google's AdWords product (selecting the Google Display Network campaign option) and only pay when a user clicks on their advert. The advertiser is charged a cost per click while the publisher site and Google split this revenue between them.

What sites are on Google's Display Network and where will my ad's appear?

The vast majority of sites on the Net that sell advertising rely on Google AdSense to so do. See opposite a sample of the Irish sites on the network.

Advertisers can tell Google which websites and app's on which they wish to have their adverts appear.
A sample of some high profile .ie domains that rely on Google AdSense to sell advertising.

There are a number of targeting options open to advertisers in terms of the types of sites and app's on which adverts will show. Advertisers can take a granular approach as shown opposite by specifying the precise sites on which they want their adverts to show or can use one of Google's alternative targeting options eg on web-pages that contain the words "digital marketing" (keyword targeting).

See below for some of DPFOC's adverts appearing on some high traffic Irish sites from Google's Display Network

DPFOC's advert on Gumtree.ie
DPFOC's advert on Daft.ie
DPFOC client EasyLifeCover.ie's advert showing on IrishExaminer.com
DPFOC's advert on MyHome.ie
DPFOC client Amriss' text advert appearing on RTE.ie
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