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Google AdWords PPC

Google PPC Our Google AdWords executives are Google AdWords Certified Individuals with an in-depth knowledge of the AdWords interface both online and offline using the Editor. We have experience of managing campaigns large and small with extensive experience in complex multi-geography / currency / stakeholder campaigns involving complex account structures to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the data to which they should. Due to the amount of AdWords spend that we manage each month, we have a dedicated account manager at Google whom we work with to ensure that our clients receive the best possible AdWords management service. Below are some of the aspects of our AdWords consultancy

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Keyword Analysis:

We will understand your business and identify the words and phrases that your target market is searching for and ensure these words are added to your campaign(s).

Account Creation:

We will set up a well-structured, tidy account. Where necessary, we will create multiple campaigns with varied budgets and geo-targeting. All campaigns will have logically themed ad-groups with appropriate destination pages.

Adding negative key-phrases:

We will add negative keywords on an on-going basis to ensure that your ad's appear only for those searches that are related to your business.

Adding new key-phrases:

We will monitor the "opportunities" section of your account to identify opportunities to add more key-phrases that will generate more relevant clicks.

Managing match types:

Our preferred match type is modified broad match as this is loose enough not to be too restrictive and restrictive enough to ensure traffic is relevant and targeted. We will use the most appropriate match type to maximise clicks while minimising CPC.

Maximising your budget through paying the least for clicks:

Tidy, well-structured campaigns ensure that quality scores are high. Allied to this, we bid on long tail phrases where possible to lower the amount that you pay per click thereby driving ROI.

Testing ads texts:

If your average position is good, you have substantial impression volume but clicks on ad's are low (low CTR), we will experiment with different ad' texts to increase click through rate (CTR).

Quality score supervision:

We monitor quality scores over time to ensure that they don't slip. High quality scores ensure you don't over-pay for clicks.

Creating landing pages:

If necessary, we will create a new landing page for an ad-group. We will generate key-phrase rich copy also to further help quality scores.

Linking your AdWords Account to Analytics:

We will link your AdWords Account to your Analytics account to ensure that you have total visibility into how your paid traffic appears once on your site.

Implement telephone, query form and e-commerce tracking:

By tracking the source of every lead and sale regardless of how it occurs (query form, telephone call or online purchase), we can know what keywords are performing and which ones are not. We use this data to inform bidding at the keyword level.

Implement cost per acquisition bidding:

We know that some of your products and/or services are more valuable than others. Accordingly, where appropriate, we will implement CPA bidding to ensure that your costs per acquisition make sense depending on the product or service being promoted.

Implement Re-marketing including dynamic product remarketing:

For more on remarketing, see this page of our site.

Set up Product Listing Ad's & add your products to Google Shopping:

For more on this, see our section on "Product Listing Ad's and Google Shopping."

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