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Channel Management
Online Channel Management Infographic

Hotel Channel Management Specialists - DPFOC

Grow Direct Bookings with Improved Organic Ranks
Single Channel Management Interface to bring all Data Under One Roof
Send Inventory Directly to Meta-Search-Engines to reduce Cost Per Acquisition
Seamless Integration to your CRS/PMS
Active Account Manager to Sweat all Channels the their Fullest

The vast array of channels available to hotels can be somewhat overwhelming. Making sense of SEO, Paid Search, Meta-Search-Engines, GDSs and OTAs can be a serious challenge. Our role is to actively manage your hotel's presence across all channels to drive bookings up and CPA down. We have well defined hotel channel management strategies and our channel manager sits between your PMS/CRS to ensure that your inventory is always accurate on every channel, on your website and in your PMS. Getting your online channel management performing well will ensure the longevity and profitability of your hotel so getting the right experts to manage it is vital.

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