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Our Approach

Importance of a Hotel Marketing Strategy

At DPFOC, we understand hotel marketing from a-z. Below is our hotel marketing strategy approach to driving occupancy levels while simultaneously driving down cost per acquisition.

Website Audit:

Sending traffic to a weak website is a surefire way to undermine your efforts to drive more direct bookings. We will audit your website to ensure that it is set up to maximise conversion rates and so minimise cost per booking.

Send Your Inventory Directly to the Meta Search Engines such as Google Hotel Finder, Trivago, Kayak and Trip Advisor:

Meta Search Engines differ from OTAs in that they charge for sending traffic to your website regardless of whether it ends up booking or not ie they operate a cost per click model. OTAs on the other hand charge hotels a percentage of the value of orders delivered. Despite this, many hotels allow OTAs buy their traffic on meta search engines on cost per click basis, get the booking and then charge the hotelier a percentage of the booking value! Sophisticated hotels ensure to send their inventory directly to the meta search engines thereby cutting the OTA's expensive commissions out of the loop.

In the below screenshot, you can see that Booking.com and Expedia are buying the booking traffic for the Four Seasons New York on Google Hotels:
Hotel Marketing on Hotel Finder Websites
In the below screenshot, you can see The New York Palace sending its inventory directly to Google Hotel Finder thereby avoiding OTA commissions.
Hotel Internet Marketing on Hotel Finder Websites
Send Your Inventory to OTAs and GDSs:

As part of our hotel Internet marketing strategy, our system sends your room inventory to over 150 distributors and over 650,000 travel agents. As our Channel Manager links seamlessly to your PMS, your inventory is always accurate in all locations.

Driving More Organic Traffic with Highly Effective SEO:

While competing with OTAs that charge aggressive commissions can be daunting there is one area that they are disadvantaged versus the hotelier and this is Google+ Local. As they don't actually own a hotel, they are not eligible to appear in Google+ Local listings which often appear prominently in search results. As part of our hotel marketing strategies, we ensure your listing is fully optimised. This means we can play to your strengths and drive more direct bookings from organic search results.

Hotel Marketing with Highly Effective SEO
Turning Non-Converting Traffic into Profitable Traffic with Remarketing:

Traffic is expensive so we work hard to convert every visitor into a reservation. However, we don't give up on non converting traffic once it leaves the website. Our hotel marketing strategy means that we set up remarketing on Facebook, Google's Display Network and Twitter to ensure that we win back as much of the non converting traffic as we possibly can.

Putting Your Marketing Budget to Work Where it Works the Hardest:

Ongoing channel and keyword monitoring to ensure that we are allocating your budget to the keywords and channels driving the highest ROI for your hotel is a key part of our service. Costs per click and conversion rates are always in flux on all channels so constant and close attention is required to ensure that we are spending your budget where it delivers the absolute lowest cost per booking.

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