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For many Internet users, Amazon is their go-to website when looking to buy online. E-tailers that don't sell on Amazon are missing out on a massive marketplace. It is estimated that Amazon has over 150 million customers per week. While Amazon presents e-tailers with great opportunities to grow sales, the competition on the platform is fierce so a sophisticated and diligent approach must be taken in order to be successful. DPFOC's experienced Amazon consultants have the expertise to drive your sales on Amazon.

Our Role:

Set-up Your Amazon Pro Merchant Account.

Create Your Inventory Feed for Amazon and Upload Your Products.

Optimise Your Product Feed to Maximise Organic Exposure of your Products.

The more information and attributes about your products that you provide to Amazon, the greater exposure they will get when people search for search queries that relate to your products. Providing keyword rich titles, descriptions, bullet points and more all increase the visibility of your products and drive your sales.

Assist You to Win the Maximum Number of Buy-boxes for Your Inventory.

There are a number of factors that dictate which company is chosen by Amazon to occupy the buy box for a given product. Price, seller rating, fulfilment method are all considered. Our job is to set up and manage your account to maximise the buy boxes that you win and so drive your sales on the market place.

There are many ways to sell on Amazon

Assist you to Continually Improve your Amazon Seller Rating.

Amazon wants buyers on the platform to receive a fantastic user experience. Retailers that provide this get good reviews and build their seller rating and win more buy boxes. Dispatching orders promptly, providing delivery tracking and replying to queries and complaints quickly are all required to build your seller rating. We work with you to ensure you build your rating and so sales over time by consistently providing your Amazon customers with a world class experience.

Building your seller rating on Amazon is key to your success on the channel. Sellers that get consistently high reviews get more visibility and so sales from Amazon.

Set-up & Manage Pay Per Click Adverts on Amazon to Gain Increased Traffic to your Products.

Sponsored products give your products more exposure and so can grow sales. These adverts are cost per click so require close monitoring to ensure that they are profitable.

Promoted Products showing at the end of the organic listings
Report showing Promoted Product Campaigns generating substantial ROI

Set Up and Manage Automated Re-pricing:

If competitors are selling the same product as you are for a lower price, then your chances of selling this product are virtually nil on Amazon. We will set up auto-repricing to ensure that your prices always beat the competitors but ensuring never to go below pre-agreed pricing floors. The repricer will also reprice your products upward for example if a competitor stops selling a product or if they are out of stock. This has the effect of expanding margins as you are taking advantage in real time of price increase opportunities.

Our client's products are always the lowest price on Amazon but do not go below the "Lowest Price" value.
Repricing software dynamically increasing and decreasing prices in real time to ensure the maximum number of buy boxes are attained on Amazon. Prices are always as low as they have to be to win the buy box but no lower. Prices are increased when opportunities present themselves eg a competitor going out of stock or no longer selling a product.

Assist with Fulfilment including "Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)."

Outsourcing fulfilment to Amazon can save time and money as well as increase your chances of winning more buy boxes. We are on hand to set up and manage FBA for your company.

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