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LinkedIn PPC

Direct Response Advertising On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ideal website on which to reach a professional, business oriented demographic. Because of the rich data that LinkedIn has on its users, targeting can be extremely precise. eg "people at board level in xyz company" may be useful if trying to target a particular company.

Advertisers can have their ad's shown at the top and right hand side of the page as shown below in red:

Regular paid adverts showing at the top and right hand side of a LinkedIn user's screen.

Advertisers can also promote a post to ensure it appears in their target demographic's news-feed as shown below in red:

Promoted posts can occupy pride of place in LinkedIn users' newsfeeds.

Benefits of Advertising on LinkedIn:

Adverts only appear to those who make up precisely your target market:

While people tend to relax on Facebook, LinkedIn is more business oriented. This business professional demographic can be very effectively targeted on LinkedIn. Users add their occupation, skill-sets and position within their company to their profile. So, showing adverts to sales directors of companies in Galway with more than 10 staff is possible for example.

Only pay per click:

You only pay when someone clicks on your advert. However, the minimum $2 per click policy means that the channel is unsuited to companies with low average sale values.

In the above screenshot, the advertiser is targeting senior staff in the construction industry. This type of targeting is only possible on LinkedIn.
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