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Pay Per Click Advertising Overview

As the name suggests, PPC advertising is any form of advertising which involves paying for each click on your advert. The attraction for advertisers is that you only pay for a visitor to your website. Google, Bing, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all have PPC offerings.

Maximising ROI on PPC Advertising:

As PPC is a quick way of driving targeted traffic to a website, more and more advertisers rely on this medium, particularly Google AdWords, to win traffic. However, as companies such as Google base the cost per click on the competition ie the number of companies that are bidding on a particular keyword, this leads to ever increasing costs per click. Unless campaigns are carefully measured and actively managed (see our video on active budget management), PPC campaigns can often lose money as advertisers pay too much to be in top spot, and either don't convert at high enough rates or don't have sufficiently high average sale values to justify the price paid for the traffic. With active measurement and continual refinement, PPC is a fantastic form of advertising that can generate substantial ROI. DPFOC's PPC expertise extends beyond Google, Yahoo and Bing to also include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter as well as Remarketing (including dynamic product remarketing).

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