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What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, as the name suggests, involves placing your adverts in front of people who have previously visited your website. The concept is that those visitors who leave your site without making a purchase/inquiry present a remarketing opportunity. By putting your adverts in front of such people as they browse the Net, we win back some of these leads that previously had not bought from you despite visiting your website. Our experience shows remarketing to be one of the most effective forms of advertising there is in terms of delivering low costs per acquisition.

Where will remarketing adverts appear?

There are four main places to remarket your business.

+Google Display Network Remarketing:

Many websites, in order to sell advertising on their website, simply sign up for a Google AdSense account. They then create a space on their website for adverts and give Google permission to show adverts in that space. Advertisers, in order to have their adverts appear on such sites, sign up for a Google AdWords account and opt into what is known as the Display Network. By doing this, we can have your adverts show on many of Ireland's leading websites to people who have previously visited your website. See below for some of our animated re-marketing banners.

Some of our animated re-marketing banners
DPFOC Remarketing Banners Dominating Forbes.com
+Facebook Remarketing:

With so many people logging onto Facebook on a daily basis, it represents a real remarketing opportunity. See below:

DPFOC's advert appearing on Facebook to someone who had previously visited
our website.
DPFOC's Facebook re-marekting advert re-engaging past visitors to our website while they browse Facebook.
+Youtube Remarketing:

For those businesses that have promotional videos, Youtube presents a fantastic remarketing opportunity. Your company videos can appear just before the video that the user wants to watch on Youtube (in stream), at the right hand side of the Youtube page as they watch other videos (in slate) or as a promoted video at the top of Youtube search results (in search). See below:

DPFOC advert showing "in slate" on Youtube.
DPFOC's adverts appearing on Youtube to a user who has previously visited our website.
+Twitter Remarketing:

On Twitter, we show your past website visitors a promoted tweet in their twitter feed to re-engage them. The use of Twitter Website Cards ensures that your promoted tweet cannot go un-noticed.

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