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What We Do

DPFOC - Retail Marketing Consultants

Our role as your retail marketing specialist is to provide you with a one stop shop to grow your sales online. We handle every part of the process from start to finish.

Website Design and Development:

Selling online is highly competitive. If your website isn't world-class, your potential customers will buy from one that is. We build SEO friendly e-commerce websites that are optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop that convert visitors into customers.

Feed Generation and Optimisation:

In order to list your inventory on Google Shopping , Amazon and eBay, we need optimised inventory feeds that are kept accurate in real time. Our retail marketing specialists work with you to extract inventory feeds that can be synced with all the major online channels and then optimise these to ensure your products get maximum exposure.

Amazon & eBay Account Set Up and Optimisation:

Amazon and eBay are channels on which large sales volume can be quickly grown. Our retail marketing consultants list your inventory on these sites, keep inventory levels accurate and use organic and paid techniques to drive profitable sales. On these cut-throat platforms, intelligent pricing is imperative to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Our team has the experience and skills to set up your pricing rules to maximise sales volume and profit.

Retail Marketing on Amazon & eBay
Online retailer achieving 1026% growth on the day repricing software was implemented for Amazon and eBay.
Google Shopping Set Up and Optimisation:

Listing your products on Google Shopping as well as utilising Google Shopping Ads is a proven method of increasing sales and profits. Unlike regular search ads, Google Shopping Ads show an image and the price of the product so users who click on these ads are highly qualified resulting in higher conversion rates and so higher ROI.

Retail Marketing utilising Google Shopping Ads
Canadian Tire utilising Google Shopping Ads to gain highly valuable "real estate" at the top right of the results page.
Dynamic Product Remarketing:

Turn non converting visitors into paying customers by remarketing to them on highly trafficked websites around the Net including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube as well as the millions of websites on Google's Display Network.

Dynamic Product Remarketing on Facebook
A user on Facebook seeing an advert promoting a pair of boots that he had previously browsed on Amazon.
Search Engine Optimisation:

Ranking highly in the organic results when people search for your products is undoubtedly the most profitable way of selling online. Our SEO division has over a half a decade of experience in steadily improving the organic ranks of online retailers for competitive, highly searched keywords.

SEO organic growth in retail marketing
Strong organic rank improvement driving organic revenue up over 100% year on year or an additional €137k.
Analytics, Strategy & Budget Management:

Online retail is complicated with a lot of moving parts. Campaigns need to be tightly managed to ensure that they are delivering profits. Successful channels need to be allocated more budget while unsuccessful ones need to be investigated and turned into profitable ones. Our single point of contact who is a retail marketing specialist will take responsibility for ensuring that each channel is assigned the optimum budget and ultimately for growing your online sales and profits. Our strategists are highly trained in all attribution models and so have the skillset to take profit driving action based on your data.

We analyse the sources of revenue using a variety of attribution models to ensure that we thoroughly understand the contribution of each channel to revenue and profit growth.
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