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Welcome to the SEO Section of Our Website

Choosing which SEO company in Dublin to engage can be somewhat daunting. A search on Google for "SEO Dublin" returns over a million results. Each SEO company claims to be the best, to be able to deliver the fastest results etc. So, on this page, we have set out why we think you should consider DPFOC.

Track Record
We have been providing SEO services to companies in Dublin for over 7 years. In this time, we have delivered rank, traffic and revenue growth to companies large and small. See our case studies page for some of our success stories.
In-house Content Team:
Success in SEO is all about generating genuinely amazing content. Our content team, headed by Helen O'Keeffe, is focussed totally on creating compelling content. Watch Helen's video on content marketing here.
Size of Our Team:
Delivering an SEO service that yields tangible results in terms of rank growth requires a multidisciplinary team. Our SEO team consists of content staff, graphic designers, technical staff & web designers. We have the team required to grow your ranks.
Commitment to Research:
SEO changes rapidly. Staying up to speed is a constant challenge. This is why we make an ongoing investment into research and development to ensure that we remain one of Dublin's best SEO companies.
Purely White Hat Content Based Approach:
Google issues search quality guidelines which set out the "rules" of SEO. We stick to the letter and spirit of these rules. Many SEO companies in Dublin will bend and even break these rules in pursuit of ranks. We never do so the ranks that we deliver are sustainable and future proofed.

So, if you are looking to engage an SEO company in Dublin with a proven track record and a genuine passion for the art and science of search engine optimisation, get in touch to arrange your free consultation with one of our SEO experts.

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