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Search Engine Optimisation

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e-Commerce websites are highly SEO friendly due to the high number of category and product pages, all of which can rank in search engines. Products tend to be grouped into category pages eg a lighting website will have a category for office lighting which can be set up to rank for keywords like "office lighting" "office lighting solutions" and so forth. In addition, every product on a website has its own product page. These pages can also rank in search engines. Well optimised (for SEO) retail product websites can draw large volumes of targeted traffic to the home, category and product detail pages. Ensuring that your Retail SEO is perfect is one of the most attractive channels to online retailers as there is no incremental cost per click.

SEO Retail Growth Example
This company has grown daily organic revenue from less than €1500/day to almost €5000 per day in 6 months by improving organic ranks.

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