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Social Media Overview
  • Grow Your Social Media Community
  • Drive Sales from Social Media
  • Manage Your Company's Online Reputation
  • Improve Customer Service Levels

Social Media Marketing

Social media presents most businesses with great opportunities to win new customers and engage with existing ones. However, an effective social media strategy requires planning as well as ongoing maintenance. As a specialised social media marketing agency, we work with our clients to set up and maintain their accounts on some or all of the major social sites depending on the suitability of each for their particular business.

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Business

Increased Sales:

Over time, a large social following can be built to which new products and services can be promoted. It is important for a social presence not to become a means of bombarding people with sales literature but if done well, social media can win new business as well as provide a platform on which to upsell and cross-sell to existing customers.

Reputation Management:

A well maintained social presence reflects well on a company. Followers feel reassured that the company is well-run and staying up to speed with latest industry developments. This also feeds into client retention as customers are comforted that they are with the right supplier. Any negative publicity on social media, if managed well, can often be turned into a positive by dealing pro-actively with the complaint. Silence is the worst response to bad publicity on social media!

As above, by engaging with those in our industry, we build our credibility as a world class digital marketing firm.
Enhanced Customer Service:

More and more people are relying on social media when they have a query or a complaint. A well monitored social presence can ensure that your customers get their questions answered quickly. This keeps customers happy!

AIB dealing with a customer's query from their @AskAIB Twitter account.
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