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Welcome to DPFOC - Digital Marketing UK

DPFOC = Driving Profitability For Our Clients

We are a dedicated internet marketing company operating in the U.K. since 2010. In that period of time, we have invested in research and study in order to formulate policies to adapt to the many changes that happen in digital marketing. We believe that this and the reasons below set us apart from other agencies in our field.

Our Team's Digital Marketing Experience

Our Internet marketing team has both knowledge and experience spanning the whole area of digital marketing. We have specific divisions for SEO, PPC, Web Design, Social Media, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Tracking / Active Budget Management, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and third party platforms such as Amazon and Ebay. Many digital marketing agencies in the UK refer to themselves as experts but we truly believe that we are. If you select DPFOC as your digital marketing agency, we can assure you that the team managing your online marketing budget are genuine digital marketing experts.

A Digital Marketing Company Focused on Research

Digital marketing as a discipline is known to regularly change. Knowledge already gathered can become obsolete. Many online marketing agencies struggle to keep up with this rate of change. All of our division managers have dedicated research time, this ensures that our digital marketing expertise only widens. It also ensures that our strategies and policies are up to date. As an online marketing business in the UK, we are genuinely consumed by the science of securing business online.

A Digital Marketing Agency Focused on Profit

We understand that if we are to be seen as the world's best digital marketing company, we need to stay at the cutting edge of digital marketing developments. This will allow us to update our policies and in turn ensure that the strategy for your campaign is well aligned to encourage profitability.

As Your Internet Marketing Company, We Apply a Partnership Approach

Rather than seeing clients as merely customers, we view them as partners, with all of us aiming for campaign progress. The success of our internet marketing business is closely aligned to our clients' success. To be seen as the world's top online marketing agency, we realise that we cannot achieve our goal unless our clients are both profitable and successful. We are of the belief that this in itself separates us from most other digital marketing companies.

Competitive Pricing for Digital Marketing in the UK

As part of our strategies, we incorporate what we refer to as an onshore/offshore hybrid approach. This allows us to provide our clients with top class digital marketing expertise at unmatched pricing. We have developed this approach as we realised that a number of technical elements of digital marketing (which can be time consuming) are suited to being done in lower cost economies. In conjunction with this however, we are also totally aware that other parts (eg content generation) require local expertise and a level of cultural understanding. Therefore, we believe that our hybrid onshore/offshore approach is the best way to maximise our clients' return. This makes our digital marketing accessible to a larger volume of companies, even those with smaller budgets.

Meet Our Team!

The DPFOC team is made up of experienced and professional digital marketers. Get in touch today!

DPFOC team - digital marketing experts UK

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