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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Make the Most of your Website

Use Conversion Rate Optimisation Techniques to Optimise your Site.

It is a fact that every 1% increase in a website's conversion rates with 1000 visitors per month equates to 10 new clients per month. As website traffic increases, each percentage point is even more valuable to your business. In spite of this, conversion rate optimisation is one of the most overlooked aspects of all online marketing strategies, yet it should be seen as one of the most important. High conversions equal higher volumes of leads and sales. Refer to the table below to see the impact on profitability made by increasing conversion rates from 1% to 5%.

Conversion Optimisation Solutions - What We Offer

Initial Conversion Rate Optimisation Report (CRO):

At the outset of being with us, the CRO expert assigned to your account will carry out a website audit. Basically this involves looking at your site in an in-depth way in terms of design and usability. From this we generate a report for you with relevant recommendations. On a general level, we find that once these recommendations are implemented, conversions on the site do tend to go up.

Deeper Level CRO:

Once the initial points we recommended to implement on the site are sorted, we analyse your website more deeply to get the most from every single conversion. This involves analysing how traffic flows through your site so that it identifies areas that may be weak. If we find a 'weak' page, we use the time to analyse why that page is a 'problem' area and we come to a conclusion as to why it's happening. We will then perform an A/B test where we design an alternate page and send 50% of the site's traffic to that and further analyse and record which page converts better. Referring to the screen-shot below, the alternate page required 108 sessions to generate 6 conversions whereas the original page needed 154 visits. Amending the landing page slightly resulted in a conversion rate growth of 1.6%. We also use a service called Mouseflow.com to gain more insights into our clients' site visitors.

In the above screenshot, organic traffic landing on the homepage is falling at high rates & so needs investigation.
Even minute changes to a landing page can mean conversion rate growth.
Always Refine & Repeat:

We believe in the importance of carrying out regular testing of different versions of landing and inner pages. Accordingly, conversion rates can be improved upon resulting in a reduction in cost per acquisition with each percentage point achieved.

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